What True Grit Means To Me

This is Thelma. Every morning I find her perched at the tiny feeder my neighbor installed just outside his window. Not being a bird watcher I have no idea what this starling's gender is but everything about it tells me it's female.                                ...more

Would a Rose By Any Other Name Smell So Sweet?

When we say “I love you” does it truly express the feeling?  The experience of that emotion, at that second, to its absolute fullest?  No, of course it doesn’t.  In fact I find those three, very, important words rather uninspiring and most of all ill-used in its application....more

What It Means To Be Satisfied

Such an expansive thought. But one I think about all the time. Trying to meet the very deadlines I set for myself and most times not. Instead falling short, feeling incomplete to some degree or another, wondering what I did or didn't do right, is it possible to even get there. Then I start over. Being the thoroughbred of a list-maker, one need only imagine all those sticky notes of ideas flourishing around my house and the inner corkboard of a my head, a salmagundi of color and swirling....more

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...Oh My!

Let me ask you this:  When faced with a life-changing decision, what do you do? Do you jump off that proverbial cliff oblivious to all consequence? Do you throw on your thinking cap, drum up lists of pros and cons lost in sleepless nights until some sort of decision zeroes in? Or are you one of those indecisive types who can never make up their mind on anything---ever?...more

Back in the Saddle

Well here I am.  Back in South Florida after a week’s FEMA training in Charleston, SC standing in the middle of my daughter's living room thinking as I glance around: I’m raring to go.  I’m finally ready to figure out where the hell I belong in this tiny, one-bedroom apartment amongst all this other “stuff.”  ...more