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Should It Be Required That Food Stamps Recipients Grow Their Own Vegetable Gardens?

Starting a garden simply takes work and many FS recipients have plenty of time cause many don't ...more

Bad Knees Workout #2

No, I Am Not An Hourglass And Never Will Be


Can or Should Older Women Wear Crop Tops?

 On my favorite morning news channel, they reported that crop tops are making a comeback this spring and summer.  I got excited for a second until I realized, I may not qualify given the fact that it all comes down to a bare middle....more
Well just like a 40 year old woman would not skip down the street like a kid or wear pig tails ...more


The Perils Of Wearing A Flirty Dress ...more

How I "Let Loose" In Vegas

 Yes, I tend to "let loose" in Vegas, and what I mean is how I relax when I take a Vegas vacation. Las Vegas can be about the casinos and the night-life but there is more to this hustle and bustle town. Since April is National Stress Awareness Month, take a look at how I take my "typical" relaxing Vegas vacations....more

Home Workout: Gliding Disc (or Hand Towel!) Boot Camp

I love using the gliding discs in my boot-camp classes, but my clients and students don't love them because the discs literally kick their butt. Still, I had to develop a gliding disc boot-camp workout for all my frugal exercisers that really want to get in shape. If you don't have gliding discs, use a hand towel (if you have tile or wood floors) or a plastic frisbee (if you have carpet). And then get ready for a cheap, intense workout. ...more
Kelly, let's get some discs!more