From Welfare to Wealthy Woman: How I Became a Financial Expert

I grew up with a single mom who struggled with a serious mental illness – we were on welfare most of the time, living in low-rent apartments and going to the food bank for bags of dented soup cans and crushed bread. ...more
Gracie1015 Thank you for your tips - I haven't read the Dave Ramsey book yet, but I've been ...more

How to Stop Feeling Hurt and Stuck in the Past

The older I get, the easier I find it is to let go of the past. I'm tired of holding on to hurts and pain! So, when a reader asked me for help letting go of hurts from the past, I thought I'd share my thoughts here. Not being able to shake off the past is very common....more

11 Ways Men and Women See Money Differently

Growing up, were you told that men know more about money than women? According to one financial guru, men and women see money totally differently because of how they were raised. These opposing perspectives are the root o many money fights in relationships. For instance, she says, women are more likely to see money in terms of relationships, and men use money to keep score. Women are less likely to advocate for themselves if they're in financial difficulties. ...more
I think your list is spot on. I wish I had been taught better habits about money. My husband ...more

How Do You Cope With Uncertainty in a Relationship?

One of my readers recently confessed that she's having an affair with a younger man. She hasn't had sex with her husband in years - they love each other, but not as husband wife....more

Have You Created Something That Is a Great Gift - and Do You Sell It?

If you created something that would make a great gift, here’s your chance to promote it for free on my gift giving blog, Quips and Tips for Giving Gifts! How will you promote, describe, advertise your product? By writing an article about it for my gift giving blog. The idea behind Quips and Tips for Giving Gifts is to help readers buy the right gifts for the right people – gifts that will be appreciated and valued! After all, what feels better than knowing you gave the best gift ever?...more

What Makes Your Life Meaningful?

What makes your life joyful, deep, and meaningful?I'm looking for ways to broaden my life, make it better. My husband and I don't have kids make life meaningful? Volunteer work? Paid work? What makes you happy, and glad to get up in the morning?Blessings, LaurieWriter and Creator of:Quips & Tips for Money & LoveQuips & Tips for Giving Gifts...more

How to Stop Energy Vampires From Bleeding You Dry

No, this kitty isn't an energy vampire - nor will she bleed you dry! ...more

I Want Financial Security! 5 Mindful Ways to Attract More Money

Attracting more money into your life isn't just about cutting coupons and brown bagging it to work! It's your mindset and attitude that can make a huge difference in cash flow...and that's what these tips are all about. Psychology....more

Using money as a motivator for mindfulness seems a bit limiting ( like trying to sell a Porsche ...more

Do you lie to your partner about money? 5 ways to 'fess up

One of my friends earns a bit 'o money from blogging, and gets paid through PayPal. She doesn't tell her husband about this -- he has no idea she's got this stash of cash!Is she lying about money? You better believe it. Financial infidelity is more common than you think -- and it ranges from lying about the cost of a $50 pair of shoes to hiding a $500,000 investment that went sour. ...more

When Your Office Romance Tanks: 5 Ways to Survive a Breakup

Breaking up isn't on anybody's bucket list, but -- ready or not -- it happens. It's especially difficult when you have to see your ex at meetings, in the office hallways, and in the lunchroom or cafeteria. My friend Tamara dated a coworker for six months. He decided things weren't working out, and broke up with her (a month before Christmas, two months after she was diagnosed with a semi-serious health problem. Bastard!). ...more