Top 10 Star Adoptees With Unique Birth Histories

Adoptees can come from all walks of life and there are even famous adoptees in politics, film, music and other industries that have been able to live a healthy and normal life. In fact, here are the top ten star adoptees all with unique histories and backgrounds that are truly inspiring:1.    Bill Clinton. Believe it or not, Mr. Clinton was actually adopted. He became president of the United States between 1993 and 2001 and now continues to work tirelessly in politics....more
I had read the adoption story of Steven Paul Jobs and very glad that the parents made a good ...more

5 Gift Ideas for Adoption Day

Shopping for the right gift is always a cumbersome ordeal, more so when looking for a thoughtful gift with an adoption theme. Adoption time is a nervous and overwhelming phase when both the family adopting as well as the child is anxious and nervous. A meaningful, heartfelt and thoughtful gift is sure to ease the uneasiness as you bring home your adopted child. Handmade Gifts ...more