Uncharted Territory

Walking through the Post Office parking lot this morning, I noticed a young woman with a baby on her hip. She was stopping older women walking to their cars with a request if she could speak with them. ...more

Instructions For My Death

I’ve been thinking alot – really, far too much – about death these past two weeks. My 60-year-old cousin died a week ago today. And, in a week and a half, we’ll mark the first anniversary of my mother’s death. ...more

Food for Thought

We were sitting around the table finishing dinner last night when Little Bug mentioned in passing that he had eaten his morning snack in the hallway outside of his classroom yesterday. Tom and I both jumped on the passing comment instantly. Why? Was he being disciplined? Had he behaved badly? He wasn’t being disciplined and he had not been bad. He was being singled out – along with four other classmates – for his snack. ...more

Hanging On His Every Word

I’m sitting here at my computer and listening to President-Elect Barack Obama’s first press conference since the election Tuesday. And, I’m sitting on the edge of my chair. This disaster of an economy has left my family and my business shaky, scared and wondering what 2009 has in store for us. So, naturally, the President Elect’s messages are really important to me. Good start. He says that the economy is the first thing he’s putting his efforts into. Exhale. ...more


I’ve been reading so many people lately who profess their hatred for Sarah Palin. Many of these folks are women, whom I consider to be intelligent and excellent writers. Now, hate is a very powerful word. It brings out all sorts of venom. It’s a word I try very hard to not use, and try equally as hard to instill its true meaning in Little Bug. And, quite honestly, it’s difficult to hate someone you’ve never met. I don’t hate Sarah. I just don’t admire her. And, therein lays my problem. ...more

An Uninspired Choice

For someone who has built his campaign on change and hope, Barack Obama’s choice for Veep is just uninspired. I heard about it soon after midnight on Twitter. Joe Biden…Really! If memory serves me, he’s the Presidential candidate who had to drop his bid when it was revealed that he had plagiarized work while a student at Syracuse University Law School. SU resonated with me, because I’m an alum there and I was embarrassed when this all came so publicly to light. ...more

With One Hand Tied Behind Me

News came yesterday that the aching in my arm can stop…with surgery. Seems back in November when this ailment first presented itself, I actually tore a rotator cuff in my right shoulder. I don’t know how or when, but I did. ...more

What’s In A Name?

Manseau, as in a resident of Le Mans, France. Pronounced MAN-SO. I added that name almost 21 years ago. But how I ended up with the hyphen in between is far more interesting. At the time I married my husband, Tom, I was a reporter at a national newspaper and had established a byline – the Holy Grail to reporters – of Laurie J. Storey. That byline was everywhere and people “knew” me by it. (They didn’t actually know me, but they felt like they did because they read my articles.) ...more

A Little Tattered Around the Edges

Jennifer and Mir were writing about shoes yesterday. It got me thinking about the one thing I have tried not to think about all summer long. ...more

Up His

My poor husband, Tom, is facing his least favorite thing tomorrow – The Dreaded Colonoscopy. Since his mom passed away 15 years ago from colon cancer, he and his brothers have been religious in getting their colonoscopies every couple of years. It doesn’t make the experience any less unnerving. When it comes to that time, in that year, it always reminds me of the first time Tom had this procedure done. ...more