Maybe I’m Not so Open-Minded

If you ask his teachers or the parents of his friends, everyone will tell you my kid is “all boy.” He plays loud, messy, and hard, and if it shoots or launches or in some way represents super powers, it is his most favorite thing. He just likes all that so-called “boy” stuff. And for the entirety of his short life, I’ve always thought that I’d be the mom who would be okay with whatever he wanted ....more

Learning to Be

Oh hi, remember me? No? Yeah… I figured ....more

Sundays are for Shame Naps

Banks and I have been together a while now, just shy of two years, but there are still some things I’m just not comfortable doing around him. The thing is, though, I have stomach issues. Like… serious stomach issues ....more

There Must Be More Than This Provincial Life…

I’m not sure if started when I sat “holding space” with my grandmother, or maybe before, but lately I’ve been noticing things that have escaped my attention in the past. When I wash my face, I can feel the dips and creases of the bones beneath my sin. I can feel the roughened edges of my feet against my socks and the pulse of my heart in the top of my wrist ....more

The Angry Voice

One of the hardest things about being they type of attorney I am, is leaving work at the office. It tends to crawl into the trunk and back seat of my car or run along beside me, tapping at the window and whispering “What about this guy, is he okay? What about Mrs ....more

Simply Love.

In my very first “real” relationship, there was more drama than a daytime soap opera. We were constantly fighting over this or that, constantly breaking up and making up, constantly in that space of “affection” where it’s so tumultuous that it seems like every single emotion is amplified. I was the MOST angry, the MOST happy, the MOST depressed, the MOST ecstatic that I’ve ever been ....more

The Power in a Name

I dropped J off with his grandmother this morning at a little Chick Fil A between her house and mine. He waved, I waved, we blew kisses and then I was off, back on the highway and headed to work. It’s funny, because I vividly remember, when I was first getting divorced, the feeling that spending weekends without my child would be excruciating ....more

Straight Face Parenting

There are a host of things I’m not good at when it comes to parenting. I mean, I could dedicate seventy thousand blog posts to all the stuff that I get wrong and still have more to say. But who wants to do that, am I right? ...more

Filling the Minutes

If genetics plays a part, it would seem that I have a lot of life left ahead of me. My Granny was five weeks shy of 99 when she died; her sister will be 97 in June, and my mother’s mother is set to turn 91 this month. I joke with Banks that he’s got to get himself in peak conditioning so he can keep up with me as I plan to live another sixty years ....more

The Safest Corners

I want to tell you about the beauty of sitting with my grandmother as she took her last breaths, about the love that filled her house as my aunt and cousins, my mother and sister and I pulled and pressed and loved the things she held dear in her home. I want to tell you about how it felt to sit on the sofa in the boxed and folded house and to feel not so much the presence of my family, but the absence of my grandmother. But I’m not sure those are things I can share ....more