There are times in your life that you want to forget; times when you made terrible mistakes; times when terrible things happened to you or to people you love. There are times that when you think of them,...more

Making More of Myself

If we’re being honest, I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to make sure I’m not depriving my son of anything. Inordinate. And I’m not sure if it’s because I work outside the home, or because I was a single mom, or because his biological father is not a current part of his life… whatever the reason, I spend a lot of my time outside the office trying to provide memories and experiences and handfuls of magic ....more

Loving the Moments

I’ve stopped and started this post so many times that it feels silly to start again. The truth is, my words are stopped up; choked into the space between my heart and throat and filling me with the strangest feeling of fullness. Because, well, I am full today ....more


Father’s Day brought out a whole mess of emotions this year, this first year where we have a stepdad and husband. There were obligatory pancakes and sausage and gifts and cards. There was a little tennis, a little playground time, and some shopping ....more

The Hard Road

“You’re an idiot.” “I hope one day you learn how to use your brain.” “What is the MATTER with you people?” “I hope they die in a fire.” “This country is in a sad state of affairs when this person is a candidate for President.” “Criminal.” “Bigot.” “Asshole” “Bitch.” “A bunch of liberal morons.” “Republican dumbasses.” The quotations above all come from a variety of different Facebook posts and comments written by a variety of people… some I know, some I don’t. I’ve collected them over the past few days and weeks because I think they’re important. With the exception of a few, I can promise you that you can not determine with any accuracy which political party the speaker is talking about, or which presidential candidate’s supporters the speaker is talking to ....more

I Won’t Give Up

I have been turning the events of Saturday night in Orlando over and over in my mind. I have wondered where we go from here. I have wondered how we recover, yet again, from yet another explosion of violence ....more

Finding Accomplishments

“I have a girlfriend,” my six year old son told me one day. I sort of rolled my eyes, because he’s six and him having a girlfriend is ridiculous. But then he said something that made me pay attention ....more


Last week felt like some sort of “survive and advance” week. Just get out of bed one more time. Just get dressed one more day ....more

One Week Later

It’s been one week. One extended ache of a week since I casually walked to the restroom, the sway of my hips proudly announcing “expecting.” It’s been one brief and endless week since I was able to rest a hand against my abdomen, smiling that secret, all-knowing smile of a woman in love with someone she’s never even met. It’s been one agonizing week since a slash of red blurred and crossed my vision, blinding me with a series of question marks and broken dreams ....more


I’ve done a lot of thinking about why miscarriage is such a secret shame… why women don’t talk about it, why we don’t WANT to talk about it. I’ve thought a lot about why it is we feel ashamed by our bodies, ashamed by our inabilities, ashamed by something that is often totally and completely outside of our control. And it comes down to this… I think it’s time the English speaking medical community re-names this horrific accident that rips...more