Best Mother's Day Present ever...

Hi to all you Moms... and Dads, understanding the Law of Attraction and how to raise happy kids, trouble free kids is easy when you know what you might be doing wrong. Kick back and spoil yourselves by celebrating everyday. Understand how every aspect effects another aspect. The laws are about what you think and feel. We never stop thinking or feeling, this is our indicator of how well we are doing in life. Think too much about what you don't want... it turns up. ...more

Oprah and Dr. Berman talked openly about SEXUAL ACTIVITIES again

On the Oprah show today they talked again about the age of discovery. One mother asked, "what do you do when you find your 4-year-old playing with herself?" ...more

I decided to write a story element of a hypothetical discussion on my fiction blog. The link ...more

Manifesting Money as a family

"Is Your Family Vibrating on the Right Frequency to Manifest Money?" I just completed an ebook to help families who are having trouble manifesting money during our current times.   If your family is stressed, your teens are out of control, and you are up against a wall, then this is the perfect ebook to heal your family wounds. ...more

A smile puts money in your bank - steal as many as you can get

Hi, it's Tricia Kelly here again to share the best self improvement advice you need to know during our so called 'current recession'. Grab all the smiles you can.' It's like banking for free.-Quantum Physics has discovered that our brain is not the source that controls what happens in our lives. Sure it thinks, it worries, it analyzes, but our heart center literally lights up.Our Heart magnifies 5000 times more magnetic energy than our brain. This is were your pot of gold is lying in wait. ...more

A School report with lots of 'D's ....really should stand for them de-grading their student

I recently read a blog where a ‘conventional therapist ’gave her readers the opposite answer that I would have suggested. It was not at all about using the LAW OF ATTRACTION. It was suggested that punishment was the answer. A kid with 'D's already feels degraded, depleted and demoralized... ...more


Are we seeing Human Beings at their lowest--Are we participating in this same event. We try and teach our teens and kids not to do or display these same negative options being thrown around Washington like frisbees. We know when you act from this place, you are putting your dreams on hold. Nothing manifests in these states. Even the financial institutes are sending blame arrows at every other person. The chain reaction of greed is on all levels. ...more

Compliment your teens all the time... Use the Law of Attraction

Hi, it's Tricia Kelly here again with great info about the Law of Attraction. It's great when your kid has their own revelation in life. Compliments ... dish them out when you notice even the smallest stuff, because they're HUGE in the way your kid beams their energy out their into the world. My daughter started high school, and has to get up and hour earlier than last year. She argued that now she was older, she should be allow to stay up later than last years, 10:00 pm lights out. ...more

Thank you for the compliment...  right back at you.  I should have mentioned my book, 'SPIRIT ...more

Gossip Girls & the Law of Attraction

Hi, it's Tricia Kelly here again....The Law of Attraction and 'Gossip Girl.' This is a show that gets high rating, and lots of kids that are loyal devoted fans... My fourteen-year-old daughter is one of them and was overly excited, the new season has started... I was the opposite, here we go again. A show that every second line is a negative, spiteful, and hurtful... not to mention the under-age drinking, and their endless sexual partners. (I know, as a teen, this is an exciting time for them. ...more

Law of Attraction for Teens/Kids & Parents

Hi, I'm Tricia Kelly the author of a great book about the Law of Attraction. SPIRIT BOY, is unique novel. People learn through example, not necessarily through self help books. The Law of Attraction is available for Teens, Kids and their Parents Lots of adults know about the Universal Law of Attraction. They may have either seen it on 'the Secret DVD' or heard Oprah speaking with the 'Abraham Hicks' duo,' or mentioned during one of her web classes with, Eckhart Tolle, - well the wait is over! ...more