Talking with Comic Book Author Meredith Finch on the 'Power, Compassion and Love' of Wonder Woman

Earlier this year, DC Comics announced that a woman would again be at the helm of telling the stories of Princess Diana of Themyscira. Meredith Finch’s first issue of Wonder Woman The New 52 came out in November. There has been much talk of the new creative team taking over Wonder Woman —Meredith is partnering with her husband, comic book artist, David Finch, to create the series. ...more
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I Am Out of Compassion: Defending Kelli Stapleton's Actions is Inexcusable

My daughter just had a 40-minute tantrum. She is 10 years old. We have dubbed her tantrums, “overloads” (thanks to a Twitter friend’s recommendation). She didn’t want us to call the outbursts tantrums, as “that is what babies have.” Today’s overload was because she did not want to do her homework....more

The Perfection Monster


Bomb Threat Oommggg! #LOL | Kids & Social Media

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Challenging Stigmas & an Imperfect System

Post has been edited. Updated version coming soon. If you are depressed or dealing with any other mental illness, please get help. Ask family, ask a friend, ask a co-worker, ask a neighbor. Call a hotline. It’s a good thing to ask for help. You are not a burden. There are resources if you don’t have insurance or lack the money for treatment.Do not give up....more
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We Need Diverse Books (And That Means Comics Too!)

Earlier this spring, my daughter was thrilled to find Wonder Woman and Cyborg on her cereal box. I collected my thoughts on how something that seems simple, two comic book stars as advertisement, was actually a big deal. We don't often see superheroes as anything other than white men. Seeing Wonder Woman, a female superhero, and Cyborg, a black superhero, featured on the cereal box and on the free comic inside is worth talking about, and worth demanding more of. We don't have enough comic book characters, and especially superheroes, who represent all of us. ...more