Ommmggggg A Bomb Threat!!! #LOL | Kids and Social Media

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Challenging Stigmas & an Imperfect System: My Struggle With Depression

For the first time in five years, I have health insurance, thanks to the Affordable Care Act. I’m often having to remind myself that this means I can now access medical treatment, something that has only happened on a few occasions over the last 60 months. I’ve been grateful to Planned Parenthood for my yearly exams that fit within my tight budget. I was happy about the clinic I found an hour from my home that charged on a sliding scale. Unfortunately, with two hours of driving to get there, both the time and the gas spent made that option not feasible. Thankfully, I’m fairly healthy and am not the type to run to the doc for a little cold. When you are without insurance, you learn to make do....more
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We Need Diverse Books (And That Means Comics Too!)

Earlier this spring, my daughter was thrilled to find Wonder Woman and Cyborg on her cereal box. I collected my thoughts on how something that seems simple, two comic book stars as advertisement, was actually a big deal. We don't often see superheroes as anything other than white men. Seeing Wonder Woman, a female superhero, and Cyborg, a black superhero, featured on the cereal box and on the free comic inside is worth talking about, and worth demanding more of. We don't have enough comic book characters, and especially superheroes, who represent all of us. ...more