Make the Case for your Success

Good BEAUTIFUL Monday!  ...more

Go GREEN on the Workout and Food Fronts!

Good afternoon! It's a gorgeous day in the City and for exercise, I did what I love! There is nothing like a round trip bike ride between 17th and 125th Streets to get the endorphins pumping. I didn't go at a killer pace, just enough to break a little sweat....more

Et Tube, Brute? My response to the NY Times article "Hunger Games"

You may have read the article "Bridal Hunger Games" in the Fashion section of the April 13th New York Times about dieting trends amongst women who are trying to lose weight for their wedding....more

Mad Men's Betty Draper's Intervention with Vogue's Diet Mom

A fictional scene between Mad Men's Betty Draper and Vogue's Diet Mom Dara Lynn-Weiss, who recently had an article in Vogue's April issue about how she helped her 7 year old daughter go on a diet and lose weight. ~LDBetty is in the kitchen following snack time with her daughter. Ice cream sundaes. After her daughter stopped eating (leaving about 2/3 of the dessert untouched) and left the room, Betty finished it off herself. It didn't stop there for Betty, though, who proceeded to get up in a 2 sundae stupor, open the fridge and make a cheese sandwich on plain Wonder Bread....more

Calling All Risk Takers!

Hi, I am calling all risk takers!! This Lindspiration is for anybody who has ever taken a risk that greatly altered the course of your existence. This could be in the career realm, relationship realm or anything really. I don't care. I mean, I do care. I care A LOT. I find risk takers incredibly INSPIRING. So, if you took a risk and you're willing to share your experience, would you please leave a comment or respond to my FB post? Did you:...more

Competing Against Ms. Resistance

Morning. I had a very significant 15 or so hours, starting last night with another RIVETING Knicks game in which the Knicks came from behind to beat the Cavaliers. Lin played really well but the real story was the depth of the NY bench led by Novak. His string of 4th quarter 3 pointers was the turning point the Knicks needed to grab another victory. ...more

What's Your Emotional Style?

Good morning! I am loving this interview with neuroscientist and author, Richard Davidson, about the evolutionary benefit and value of our emotions....more

A Few Good Tweaks -- Ways to get motivated without making too big a change!

A Few Good Tweaks   When Steve Jobs passed away a few months ago, people payed attention to his strategies and approaches to business that really worked....more

It's All Part of the Plan

God's been getting a lot of press lately. The Knicks' Jeremy Lin tributes God to his success, from a Higher Powered-inspired perseverance to his miraculous, clutch, game-winning 3 point shots. At Whitney Houston's funeral yesterday afternoon, a moving event held inside a Newark, NJ Baptist church, I thought God was going to somehow figure out a way to run a crawl or button on the screen's lower third thanking everybody for the continuous shout-outs. ...more

Stop People Pleasing (

I've had a very extroverted week...on social media, anyway. I started Tweeting more, updating my FB status regularly, commenting on celebrity deaths like Whitney or celebrity inspirationals, such as Jeremy Lin #linsanity and Adele, the latter who recently said on 60 MINUTES, "Exploiting yourself sexually is not a good look". Goddess....more