Blogger Etiquette 101: A guide to Manners

It is really too bad there isn't an Emily Post book of blogging, but there is not.  Sure, if you look hard enough and search Google long enough, you will find plenty of articles that tell you the etiquette of blogging.  And, I am sure that what I am going to reveal in this post is nothing new, but I have noticed that so many bloggers have bad manners, so a reminder seems in order.Blogger Etiquette 101: A guide to blogging manners...more

Great post!! Wish everyone would read and follow these rules! Miss you!!!more

Mean Girls in Cyber Space

At the age of 43, I thought that the days of the Mean Girl from High School were over.  I thought that the cliques and packs that form and then pick on the underdog were finished.  I was wrong.While blogging, you inevitably find your niche.  Whether you are a "mommy blogger" or a "review blogger", you surround yourself with people who appreciate what you put out there on the internet.  But, make no mistake, cyber bullying is alive and well.So, how do you handle it when a gang of bloggers decide to cyber bully you out of the blogosphere? ...more

that people can't be grown up when they are blogging. For most, it is a hobby. It just sucks ...more


As a blogger, you come online and carve out your little space.  You make friends.  You comment, they comment.  You email, they email.  You exchange phone numbers.  You chat on the phone.  You may even be lucky enough to meet at some point.  They are your core group.  They are your friends, your confidants and sometimes your saviors.  You love them and they love you.  They are your clique, the place you belong....more

No Hover Zone

A while ago, I was talking to a friend, and she was telling me that a teacher told her to stop being a helicopter mom.  I had never heard that phrase before, and asked her what it meant.  She explained and it got me to thinking....I live in a no hover zone. ...more

I hover, get annoyed at myself for hovering, step away, feel guilty for stepping away, then ...more

Sadie Sadie Single Mom Married Lady

I am on hubby #3. I don't have any shame about it. It is what it is. I was too young the first time, the second is the father of my kids and the third is the love of my life.All that being said, I still view myself as a single mom. My hubby is bi-coastal. He has kids in the East and his company is in the East, so he is there for about 2 weeks every month...sometimes more and sometimes less....more

I am married to my son's Dad but I completely understand your feelings. I wonder of men and ...more

Today I Cried


I think all the other commenters have just about said it all. Just wanted to tell you that I ...more

The Second Wife

I am the second wife.  I don't mean wife #2, because I am wife #3.  I mean the second wife.  As in, more than one.  Yes, folks, my hubby is a bigamist without committing bigamy.  How is that possible? ...more

Sounds too easy? It is!

What you described is a ridiculous situation. You sound like a ...more