Let Me Start By Saying...

... I'm no expert. No, really. There is nothing that I could honestly say that I'm an expert at. I'm okay with that; there are plenty of brilliant minds, accomplished, and creative people out there to fill that bill: Expert   insert expertise here  . Nope, not me. I'm more of a, "Let's see what I can come up with in a pinch."...more

Sadness Watch 2015

Trust me, this is gonna have a good ending. Stick with me. I'm 50. I'm a daughter. I'm a sister. I'm a wife. I'm a mother. These things are good.  Except when things are not-so-good. My last What's Happening Twitter update was: ...more

Back To Blogging

Hello. Having a good summer, I hope. We, here in the So Cal desert, mostly do what we can to stay cool. My family does, anyway. Temps have fallen below 100 degrees the past week, but it's been humid and it even rained a few times. Conditions like this are never fun for Taxi Mom, me. Glitchy a/c that needs repair makes for miserable conditions. ...more

A New Vlog Post ~ April 23, 2015

Hello Bloggers,Moving is exhausting.  It's been a couple of months long ordeal for my family, and it seems like we've done a steady amount of unpacking since end of March.  So, if you add in the packing we did in March, it's been a heck of a busy, exhausting, and stressful 8 weeks.  But we're slowly settling in and experiencing  much needed relaxation and comfort as days here go on.   Enjoy today's YouTube channel vlog THIS IS FIFTY WITH LIL, starring me....more

The Place ~ A Story: The In Between Part

March 14,2015:  Off to a very rough start today.  It's 3:32 am and I really should be in bed.  But, before I go, this:...more
moving is difficult period nice piecemore

Where To Start?

News Flash:  Now is not the best time for me to even try to manage a blog and YouTube channel.  My family, once again, is facing insurmountable life challenges, with little to no immediate solutions.  I'll try to fill you in here.Presently, and most urgent, fact is that we have exactly two weeks left at The Place, and again, nowhere to go. So I'll begin our story here, I guess.A HOME NOT OUR OWN Story:...more

What's News?

BlogHer NaBloPoMo ~ March 2015...more

February... Made

February was good, yes?...more

The Other Day...

Help me MAKE it through this... please....more

Five On Friday a la February

 Please visit my YouTube Channel...more