A Home Not Our Own

An excerpt from A HOME NOT OUR OWN from November 25, 2015:Today, I contemplate how grateful I am that the homeowner of this house accepted our lease application last Spring, and that this rental was available for immediate move in. Had another week passed we would have been homeless... again. Relief that that was not the case.Although still in a home not our own, it's nice to feel safe and warm. Take care, be well, good night and sweet dreams. ...more

Prepping and Baking and Chopping, Oh My! ~ A Thanksgiving Haiku

The oven is on. A cutting board sits ready. Prepping for long night....more

Let The Baking Begin!

I mentioned yesterday that I'd tell my story from last year about our neighbor, a raccoon, a koi pond, and cuckoo accusations. But, I don't have time for that tonight. So, instead, this... Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Measure and combine in food storage bag the dry ingredients: flour, salt, baking powder; ground cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg & cloves. Shake bag....more

Christmas Cards, Oh, Christmas Cards...

Does anyone really want to receive season's greetings via snail mail anymore? Have we really ever liked the whole idea of sending and receiving Christmas cards? Well, I guess I do, or did. In recent years, the few I find in the mailbox during the holidays do put a smile on my face. But, I'm still not exactly sure if I'm just going to end up doing this again....more

I'm This Mom

I'm the mom who believes what you think about you bring about. My daughter is fulfilling student-teaching requirement for teaching certification this semester. She is a senior double majoring in early childhood education and religious studies and will be graduating college next May. Her family is very proud of her and looking forward to attending her graduation in the Spring. I've heard it's beautiful in Vermont that time of year....more
officialroycey SimonCowell Tons of love back, Ian. I'm grateful for your friendship & spirit. xomore

That Time I Posted This...

... over on A How-To Guide. I've updated and posted here because every once in a while it seems to me that with practice I could be a pretty good storyteller. Anyway, come back with me to October 10, 2014. ...more

Tune In Tomorrow

November 13, 2015 ...more

An Excerpt

From A HOW-TO GUIDE ~ November 11, 2014:In past blog posts I think I've mentioned, or at least tried to convey, the fact that I am an expert at nothing, and any kind of profession is non-existent. Plain and simple, I am a wife and mother who possesses additional skills in typing and driving... not at the same time, of course....more

What I Did Last Summer

On any given year, this could have been a very short post... two lines, maybe three. However, the same cannot be said for this past Summer, because I actually did something. It was totally unplanned....more

I'm Up! I'm Up!

... I don't want to be up. I don't want to be up. That's me anytime I must rely on an alarm clock to wake me. This morning's alarm was set for 8:00 AM and I was less than thrilled to have awoken on my own just minutes before scheduled ring-tone sounded off from my cell phone by the bed. I didn't want to get up....more