More Summer Babble, It's All I Have Right Now

Sometimes, when I haven't written for a few days, I feel overwhelmed by the random things in my head.  I apologize in advance for where this post goes. First things first, it's important that you know that this happened. ...more

Summer? You're Getting On My Nerves

Summer rocks. And summer blows. Then it rocks again. Then I want to jump in my pool and never surface. (That may be an exaggeration, sort-of.) It's really confusing. I think I was especially confused coming off of a weekend away from the kids with Alex.  We had an awesome getaway, with some awesome people, the perfect mix of doing nothing and doing something.   ...more

And Then There Was ANOTHER Day Of Summer

In case you hadn't heard, summer is still one has decided this isn't a good idea.  I haven't heard so much as a rumbling about it being cut short to preserve some of the sanity of us Moms, so day two went ahead and happened....and it wasn't horrible. I was more prepared today, waking up already armed with low expectations for productivity. I can't stress enough how much this changes my entire day.  When I go in to the ...more

This Is Summer, Day One

My cleaning woman yelled at me today.  That sounds odd, and possibly mean, but I swear it wasn't.  She's pretty direct and after being at our house for an hour this morning she felt it was important to say, "Leslie you need to relax.  Stop shouting and giving those kids rules and let it be summer.  This is day one, you'll never make it for the whole summer." Oh San Juana.  I don't pay you to talk to me like ...more

Ten Things, Seven Days Late, Two Hours After I Should Have Been In Bed, Stupid Numbers

I'm behind on things lately.  I'm so uncomfortably behind.  I can't figure out dinner or laundry or teacher appreciation week if my life depended on it.  I'll be impressed if I make it to all my Mother's Day Teas this week without losing my mind. There's a monthly blog post "party" in which I love to participate on Emmy's blog.  You can check out the meme here.  It's titled 10 Things to Smile About. ...more

Stella Style

Stella has her own "thing" going on lately.  ...more

Emails From The Past

I love technology.  A few days ago my parents' (yes, they share,) email account sent me a reply to an email I sent out almost five years ago.  Here was the message I received: ...more

Alex LOVES When I Leave Town

I just returned from a quick trip to Chicago to meet my friend Kathryn's baby and see my girls.  It was awesome. Is there anything better than being with people you just genuinely LOVE?  I suppose the answer to that is yes, because I'm around people I love all the time.  In fact, I'm around three of them far too often at times, causing me to actually have to schedule a time to leave town.  Without them.  ...more

It's A Lot Like Beauty And The Beast

...except it's nothing like that.  I just have that "Be Our Guest," song in my mind and it seemed important to work it in to this post and the title seemed like the logical location. Why do I have "Be Our Guest," in my mind?  I am the GUEST BLOGGER on The Mommy Mess in right now. ...more

Something To Sit On

  Many moons ago we put together this adorable playroom for our children.     ...more