Berry Ginger Frozen Yogurt


Peanut Butter Banana Greek Yogurt Pancakes

Naturally gluten free, these whole grain peanut butter banana pancakes are filled with protein-rich Greek yogurt to give you lasting energy. I’m not sure if you noticed but I’m mildly obsessed with peanut butter and banana. I can’t resist the salty, nutty, sweet and satisfying combination of these two energy-packed super foods ....more

5 Tips for Overcoming Weight Loss Plateaus

Have you ever hit a weight loss plateau? You know the drill… you’re eating better and staying active but week after week the scale just. won’t ....more

Tart Cherry Chinese BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders

Your favorite pulled pork sandwiches complete with tart cherry juicy and...more

Lebanese Chicken Tawook

Chicken tawook, a traditional Lebanese dish, becomes juicy and tender from a simple marinade of...more

Make-Ahead Fruit and Yogurt Protein Parfaits

An easy, make-ahead breakfast packed with plenty of protein and heart-healthy fats to give you all day energy. My husband leaves for work around 6:30am most weekdays so I love coming up with easy, make-ahead breakfast ideas that he can quickly...more

Fun and Effective Strength Training Workout Routine

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I am a HUGE group exercise junkie. On any given week, I try to attend at least 4...more

Chilled Cucumber Mint Yogurt Soup

This Lebanese chilled cucumber soup is made with tangy yogurt seasoned with fresh lemon juice, mint and garlic then finished with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. As you’ve probably noticed, we eat a lot of yogurt in our house every week. My kids love it, I love it and my husband loves it so I was beyond excited when my dear friends at the American Dairy Association asked me to participate in their Dairy Fuel for Back-to-School Recipe Exchange ....more

Tart Cherry Dark Chocolate Granola Bars

An ideal snack or breakfast on-the-go, these chewy granola bars are filled with tart cherries, dark chocolate chips and protein-packed walnuts. As though I needed one more, reason...more