I've been trying to minimize things. Recently I bought a cheap, small clutch to replace the huge, honkin' handbag I usually schlup around. But I thought, "Why stop at handbags? What else can I minimize?" So this week, here on my blog, I'm gonna give away things that I have, but don't need. Here are two bags. If you want one of them, email me HERE & I'll get it to you. Check back throughout this week for more stuff....more

LeadHership in American Idol?

My White Thoughts on a Black President

Today, Scott Williams's post inspired mine. After reading his post, I was overcome with ...more

I Lost Two Treasures on Earth

I Lost Two Treasures on Earth For awhile, I jockeyed with whether or not to blog about this. I'm glad I ...more

My Beauty Tell-all's

34 has been the age where I felt like I finally lost control w/ aging. Here's some of my beauty tell-all's: 1. Girdles. Period. 2. Dress younger. Look at younger magazines, younger stores & younger people. And then when you bust out with it, DO NOT apologize or ask permission. Strut your butt with confidence. 3. Self tanner 4. Wear tall shoes. More height = less width ...more

Suicide: A Tough Subject

Suicide: A Tough Subject It's a very difficult subject to discuss. I know someone who recently attempted it. I've been trying to be there for this person. It's hard. But the thing I keep going back to is, "By His grace, you're still here." As bad as that night was where you wanted to leave your life, God still needed you here to live it. ...more


Libros! Libros! I don't regularly blog about books cause I have a slight reading disabliity. It takes me a long time to read & retain words on a ...more

What's on your box?

What's on your box? I tried to tell my 3-yr old that he won't like Grape Nuts. But he pointed to the box & said, "But Mommy, it has strawberries & blueberries in it & I like those!" Poor child. He thinks what's ON the box is what's IN it. ...more


One of my favorite words is, 'Grateful.' Some of you know that's often my closing word in emails & texts. I believe in gratefulness, pray for gratefulness & communicate gratefulness, it's helped my soul immensely. ...more

I agree with you. I think it's so important to say and live gratitude. Sometimes when times are ...more

Busty Mannequins

While in Soho, we passed this store window. See how the busty mannequin is standing upright while the other one is kinda slouched? ...more