Best D.I.Y idea, yet!

This past Christmas Holiday my Friends and I, we’re welcomed into a good friends home, for a Christmas party.  Where, we naturally exchanged gifts after a pot luck dinner,where we shared food from our cultures. We’re  a diverse group of people from around the world, so the meal setting was perfect. I made skinny shrimp creole gumbo!  Needless, to say it was an enjoyable evening....more

Every second Counts!


Rewind, to Christmas past

I guess, the Holiday season, is the time we all  come together, and reunite  with  families members. Some, of whom we haven't seen in a while. Who,  we will share,  some laughter over a  good, home cooked meal....more

#O.M.G :/

 I don’t know how to begin this post. Because, my world seems to be falling a part. It’s falling apart like a 16 year old being punish from social media .Cue the violins , pls! This is pretty dramatic! But, livable. In , fact my problem is that , my computer needs repairs.Recently, well, last night I did an up grade on it. For windows and I guess it wasn’t compatible. Nor, would the error screen that appeared, let me log on....more

Freezing Photo

 Well, Hello! I'am try to keep up with National Blog Post Month. Though, I have missed the weekends.This, is a photo I took with: Pano Camera 360 app. During this past, weekend. Let’ me say, it wasfreezing that day. But, I wanted to test this app. I wanted to do it, before, family movie night, as well....more

To Fly

GoWinter is a time to fly. With, family , friends and by self with headphones, attached to my ears. As I would get empowered by my ,classical music.  As, I moved  freely, as, one might feel in a dream if there were floating.This, takes me back to childhood. Because, as a child I’d figure skate while gliding across the ice. I use to  love the feeling, of notably like flying. There was a power,  an inner , that made me feel , free. As I, Spun around , without dizziness. As I focus on a point of return....more

It Factor

by Writer in Progress...more

Photo Blog

The best part about playing with photography and the editing that goes with it. Is, that I can use it as a sign of  my productivity, of that day. Also, it’ s an easy post, with little words. Mainly, because  I’am tired today.Also, if you’d like to view other artist work please, go to: Creative Every Day . By: Leah Piken Kolidas ...more

Smile, 365

by Writer in Progress...more

I Pray

I thought this would be a nice reminder, for those in trouble during, the horrific weather conditions, everywhere in the world! As each place has touched my heart, deeply. That, I wish I had the perfect, Bible , verse to post. To give each person some healing words....more