Benny started a soccer class this weekend. Can you tell he was a little bit excited? ...more

Lost a Tooth!

The dentist told us in December that Gracie's teeth were starting to loosen. She isn't 5 yet so it seemed so early to us. Just another sign that my babies really, really aren't babies anymore. A few weeks ago she got a good wiggle going and then it was just a matter of time! When we told them about the Tooth Fairy they didn't believe us. Tate said, "That's not a thing, Mom." hard to I try to ...more

A Good American

Blogher Book Review! Sorry I haven't posted much lately, I have HIVES. Pretty much anything that doesn't depend on me for survival is being ignored. Luckily, I have a nice stack of books to help distract me from the itching-seriously! Next on my list for blogher was A Good American by Alex George ....more



QOTD #349

Gracie: "I'm drawing a picture of Tater with tears on his face because he'll never find love." Wow. Pre-K burn! ...more

Big Sister

Tater came out and told Sean that he couldn't fall asleep last night because he was having bad dreams. He was scared of part of a VeggieTales movie we had watched (seriously?). I came home from yoga and heard Gracie singing in their room. She was singing to her brother to make him feel better. She sang a song from their chapel at school and then I heard her pray and my mama heart swelled. She was asking God to ...more

Further Proof

that my kids aren't ready to be unsupervised for any amount of time. Bag of candy hearts I left in the living room was dumped into a plastic container, filled with water, then dumped into the sink and put back in the c ...more

Here We Go Again-book club

“Every high school has a Lissy Ryder. You might have known her as the Prom Queen. The Mean Girl. The Bitch. Lissy Ryder spent her teen years making yours miserable. But you escaped her. And even though you went to college, grew up, and got a life, every now and then you wonder if that thing called ‘karma’ ever comes for the Lissy Ryders of the world. Rest assured it does.” I got to read Jen Lancasters new book ...more

Tater on Taters

At dinner: T: I can't eat these mashed potatoes, daddy. Daddy: Why not? T: They are just too blonde. Us: ? T: You know like mushy and don't taste good. Me: Do you mean BLAND?! T: YES! They are bland, so I can't eat your mashed potatoes daddy. How does he even know that word exists let alone how to use it to insult Sean's cooking?! We were too impressed to make him eat them. ...more


Every winter our boiler breaks (because the house we rent is old and the boiler is even older). It can get pretty chilly while we wait for a repair man and Monday it got down to 52 degrees in here! Sadly, that was too cold for Grandpa Ron (not to be confused with our actual grandpa). Tate's little beta friend died. I actually saw him floating oddly in the morning, but he wasn't belly up on top so I thought ...more