Help Make My DREAM Come True

I'm in the race to become the next Hopscout editor. I created a video and need enough votes to make it into the top 20. I have a ways to go! Please click on this link: and VOTE for me! Pass it along to your friends if you feel so inclined. Thank you in advance for your support!...more

The Stay At Home Mom Identity Crisis

For a lot of new mothers that have made the leap from the mainstream workforce to staying at home to care for their children, there is an internal struggle that developes.  We often question whether we are making the right decision for ourselves and our familes.  I'm currently going through a crisis with my identity regarding this very topic.  You can find it all in my most recent post.An Identity Crisis - The Stay At Home Mom...more

BPA: Getting Educated

I'm constantly trying to rid my life of toxins and am continuing to learn about the ones that are the most harmful. They remain the ones that creep into our food supply, as food is a necessity to live.  BPA has gotten a lot of press lately for good cause. We need to get educated on the chemical toxin and how to avoid it in our everyday lives. See my recent post for more information....more

The Yoga Ball - Pregnancy, Labor, Postpartum and Beyond

Getting in shape before we get pregnant, keeping in shape while we are pregnant and losing the baby weight postpartum are usually one of the top things on mommies-to-be and new mommies minds.  The yoga ball is a great tool that can carry you through all three phases and even help calm the little one. To see the details read my full post:...more

New Years Resolution - 10 Ways to Go Green

We all want to try to go green or help sustain the environment but it seems so difficult and time consuming. As my new years resolution I decided I was going to try to find 10 easy ways to "go green." Find out what I did in my most recent post.New Years Resolution - 10 Ways to Go Green...more

Baby Naps - The Secret to my Success

Getting my newborn to nap was my biggest challenge. He didn't start napping until he was almost 3 months old. I was so sleep deprived I didn't think I was going to be able to continue to take care of him. See how I overcame this in my most recent post:Baby Naps: The Secret to my Success...more

Cheat Sheets: Safer Sunscreen and Bug Repellent

Having just moved back to California my sunscreen expense has gone up twofold.  Add my new son to the equation who has very light irish skin, I might as well just invest in the stuff.  As I've learned more about endocrine disruptors I've realized that there are some really harmful chemicals in our sunscreens, cosmetics and shampoos and we need to choose wisely when picking a brand.  Safe Mama ( put out a sunscreen and bug repellent cheat sheets that list the safest products....more

Tips: Choosing A Moving Company

Moving can be very stressful especially when you are moving across the country. Choosing the right mover can make all the difference. I've moved from Boston to San Diego to NYC to London to NYC and finally to Palo Alto, CA.  I've learned a few lessons along the way.For my best moving tips read my recent post.Tips: Choosing a Moving Company...more

charity: water - Get Inspired!

For those of us that are able I believe it is very important to donate money or time to charities or non-profits....more

Tips: Stain Removal and Laundry Solutions

Don't you wish you knew how to wash your 'Dry Clean Only' clothes at home? Think about the money you would save....more