Peas and Harmony (review + giveaway!)

I was compensated for this post with a free review copy of the book, but YOU have a chance to win much more by entering the contest below! A potty-trained child is the gift of freedom. No more diapers, no more diaper bags, no more surprise wet spots on the furniture or the car seat or the lap dressed in dry-clean-only fabrics ....more

Easy Easter Eggs, Three Ways

I’d be remiss if I didn’t repost this Easter egg craft from a few years ago. Traditional egg dyeing is fun but always turns out a little meh, so these are the techniques I use when I want something a little more showy. Theyse are still plenty fun and plenty easy (if not moreso on both counts), and they’re a sweet addition to Easter brunch if you decide to wake up and have a proper meal at a table instead of hunched over a basket of candy ....more

Quality Time with Skype (sponsored)

In an age when it seems like not just anything but everything is possible, I make a point to regularly rage, rage against the dying of wonder. The technology we have now is the stuff of dreams, and to keep myself from becoming immune to the marvels of everyday modern living, I frequently remind myself to step back from the screen(s) and acknowledge that we are living in an era of miracles. I do this most often in moments of tech-induced stress: when I’m on a work deadline and the Internet is running like cold molasses, or when my phone won’t fully load a video of a cat playing the glockenspiel whilst wearing a tiny bowler hat ....more

Quality Time with Skype

It took me some time for me to stop thinking of Skype as the equivalent of the expensive, low-quality, special-occasion-only long-distance phone calls from my own childhood ("Everybody shhhhh! Jessie's calling from South Carolina!"), and to start applying it to everyday uses. My mother-in-law combines long-distance with the everyday beautifully (she uses Skype every Sunday to "hang out" with her grandkids in England) and the way she's embraced the technology has changed the way I use it too....more

My Other Half

A few weeks ago we were hanging out with a group of newish friends, and I was reminded of the importance of having newish friends as I listened to Simon describe the general character of our relationship–a thing that doesn’t often happen with oldish friends, who have seen the relationship in action enough they’ve no need for the soundbite version, a sad thing indeed when your favorite thing to talk about is yourself (hello blog! I’ve missed you!)). “I think our relationship works,” he said, “because I’m completely predictable and she’s a total mystery ....more

Goodness on the Go with GoGo squeez (sponsored + sweepstakes)

Never do I feel like a more competent mother than when I can produce from my purse just the right thing at just the right moment. Got a boo-boo? I have a selection of whimsical bandages at your disposal ....more

Goodness on the Go with GoGo squeeZ (sponsored)

Got a boo-boo? I have a selection of whimsical bandages at your disposal. Need to jot down a note? Take your pick of regular pencil, red pencil, pen (colors vary), marker, and random crayon of the month. Thingamabobs? I've got twenty! As for snacks, I fancy myself a one-woman traveling smorgasbord of healthy, kid-friendly nibbles, and when I'm on my game, it's a truly glorious thing....more

Weight Watchers: Friday Night Fever Edition (sponsored + sweepstakes!)

Minus the withering look from Blossom’s stepmother at the beginning, this is an accurate dramatization of my first week using the Weight Watchers app: I was measuring, I was tracking, I was meeting all my goals, I was king of the disco floor. I was so confident of my inevitable success that I spent some time reimagining my wardrobe made entirely of spandex. At the end of that first week, I was strutting into the weekend with 15 extra points to spare and feelin’ pret-ty groovy ....more

Weight Watchers: Friday Night Fever Edition

At the end of that first week, I was strutting into the weekend with 15 extra points to spare and feelin' pret-ty groovy. Aaaaand, then I woke up on Friday morning and realized my counter had reset for the week (surprise, my Weight Watchers week is Friday to Friday, not Sunday to Sunday), meaning I wasn't doing as well as I'd thought given that those 49 "extra" points in my weekly allowance had yet to encounter their arch nemesis: the Weekend....more

Down by the Bay

Don’t let that photo fool you. Right now, sitting in my house with the fire on full roar, I’m wearing a scarf so big I could use it as a queen-sized top sheet, and in the last three hours I’ve changed my socks two times because there’s some sort of physics-twisting microclimate inside my slippers that causes my toes to sweat so much they freeze. #science This time of year, our house stays in the shadow of the tall one next door (Jack London’s daughter built the top story so her father would have a writing studio when he stayed with her; have I ever told you that?), and this means we spend a good chunk of the year huddled in layers while outside it’s practically spring ....more