Writing to Write

Long story short, last August my main source of work dropped the bomb that they wouldn’t have any projects for me for FIVE WHOLE MONTHS *Munch scream*, but it was exactly then that I started a contract position writing articles and listicles and advertorials for one of my very most favorite clients (I love you, CafeMom!) and thereby avoided the dire fate of–OITNB spoiler alert–having to sell my panties on the Internet to make a living. So it is that every week for the past year I churned out somewhere between a couple and a handful of original stories, which is a lot considering I have no formal background in journalism or marketing and I’m also the world’s slowest writer (it sometimes takes me a half hour to come up with a headline that passes modern SEO muster). This I was doing in addition to, starting in January, resuming steady work at my regular job as a book editor, which had not only revived but blossomed into an abundance of projects for an expanded group of clients (*angel choir*) due to my timely realization that networking is kinda sorta actually crucial for a freelancer and not something I could keep hand-tossing away as “oh, not really my thing.” In the meantime–and here is where I’ve buried my point, despite having promised up there at the top that this would be the short version of a long story–one of the things that fell off my metaphorical cart and was subsequently crushed into bits by a stampede of wild wildebeests was my ability to write here about whatever the heck fuck I wanted, using naughty words and everything ....more

UrbanSitter Brings Child Care (and Me) into the 21st Century (sponsored + freebie for you!)

Captain Obvious here with some life-changing news! Did you know you could pay someone money to feed your kids dinner and put them to bed while you, yourself, are not even on the premises? While your dear little ones are brushing their teeth and negotiating for an extra bedtime story (or three), you could be halfway across town eating organic beet and farro salad with shaved Parmigiano and enjoying the dulcet tones of no one whining directly into your ear holes ....more

In the Crapper

Speaking of losing things, earlier today I stood up at the conclusion of my *ahem* daily constitutional and, while the flush was already in mid-swirl, I caught out of the corner of my eye in the mirror across the hall (pooping with the door open is truly one of the great joys of working from home) the image of a small piece of paper fluttering from my back pocket and into the bowl, where it circled a few times, slunk up into the hole, and then–as I flailed helplessly toward my porcelain adversary–peeked a corner back out, as if it were about to surface, before, alas, it succumbed to the forces of our hearty indoor plumbing, so dearly beloved in every other case but this. During the paper’s final wave of departure, I leaned in (but not too close; I’ve seen those videos) and tried to make out a word or two but could not. The notes were in my handwriting and probably recorded nothing more critical than a grocery list, and thus I am trying valiantly to not let the not-knowing drive me to madness ....more

Gone But Not Forgotten

Simon’s car got broken into in front of our house over Thanksgiving weekend (I was not thankful to discover my child’s car seat filled with broken glass), and in addition to taking the subwoofer, S’s nice sunglasses (not one of the thirty pairs of $5 ones, of course), and my child’s sunglasses (really, dude?), this person also robbed us of a bag of miscellany that included things like hand sanitizer, a multitool, pens and markers, spare change, that sort of thing. Last month when I couldn’t find the full SD card I’d taken out of my DSLR camera around that same time, I was sure it had been stolen with the lot. I remember having swapped the full card for an empty card in the car, and I couldn’t find it anywhere in the house, so it made perfect sense that it, too, was gone forever ....more

Peas and Harmony (review + giveaway!)

I was compensated for this post with a free review copy of the book, but YOU have a chance to win much more by entering the contest below! A potty-trained child is the gift of freedom. No more diapers, no more diaper bags, no more surprise wet spots on the furniture or the car seat or the lap dressed in dry-clean-only fabrics ....more

Easy Easter Eggs, Three Ways

I’d be remiss if I didn’t repost this Easter egg craft from a few years ago. Traditional egg dyeing is fun but always turns out a little meh, so these are the techniques I use when I want something a little more showy. Theyse are still plenty fun and plenty easy (if not moreso on both counts), and they’re a sweet addition to Easter brunch if you decide to wake up and have a proper meal at a table instead of hunched over a basket of candy ....more

Quality Time with Skype (sponsored)

In an age when it seems like not just anything but everything is possible, I make a point to regularly rage, rage against the dying of wonder. The technology we have now is the stuff of dreams, and to keep myself from becoming immune to the marvels of everyday modern living, I frequently remind myself to step back from the screen(s) and acknowledge that we are living in an era of miracles. I do this most often in moments of tech-induced stress: when I’m on a work deadline and the Internet is running like cold molasses, or when my phone won’t fully load a video of a cat playing the glockenspiel whilst wearing a tiny bowler hat ....more

Quality Time with Skype

It took me some time for me to stop thinking of Skype as the equivalent of the expensive, low-quality, special-occasion-only long-distance phone calls from my own childhood ("Everybody shhhhh! Jessie's calling from South Carolina!"), and to start applying it to everyday uses. My mother-in-law combines long-distance with the everyday beautifully (she uses Skype every Sunday to "hang out" with her grandkids in England) and the way she's embraced the technology has changed the way I use it too....more

My Other Half

A few weeks ago we were hanging out with a group of newish friends, and I was reminded of the importance of having newish friends as I listened to Simon describe the general character of our relationship–a thing that doesn’t often happen with oldish friends, who have seen the relationship in action enough they’ve no need for the soundbite version, a sad thing indeed when your favorite thing to talk about is yourself (hello blog! I’ve missed you!)). “I think our relationship works,” he said, “because I’m completely predictable and she’s a total mystery ....more

Goodness on the Go with GoGo squeez (sponsored + sweepstakes)

Never do I feel like a more competent mother than when I can produce from my purse just the right thing at just the right moment. Got a boo-boo? I have a selection of whimsical bandages at your disposal ....more