Down by the Bay

Don’t let that photo fool you. Right now, sitting in my house with the fire on full roar, I’m wearing a scarf so big I could use it as a queen-sized top sheet, and in the last three hours I’ve changed my socks two times because there’s some sort of physics-twisting microclimate inside my slippers that causes my toes to sweat so much they freeze. #science This time of year, our house stays in the shadow of the tall one next door (Jack London’s daughter built the top story so her father would have a writing studio when he stayed with her; have I ever told you that?), and this means we spend a good chunk of the year huddled in layers while outside it’s practically spring ....more

The Skinny on Weight Watchers

Now that I'm well into my Weight Watchers journey experience adventure lifestyle-changeapalooza, I thought I'd write about the actual mechanics of making the transition from following a free-for-all "see-food" diet to being more mindful about what I'm eating (and when and why)....more

The Skinny on Weight Watchers (sponsored + sweepstakes!)

Now that I’m well into my Weight Watchers journey experience adventure lifestyle-changeapalooza, I thought I’d write about the actual mechanics of making the transition from following a free-for-all “see-food” diet to being more mindful about what I’m eating (and when and why). To be blunt, it’s… not easy. But it’s also not terrible, provided I regularly remind myself that I’m playing a long game rather than following the Brat Diet, which, I don’t know what you’ve heard, but it does not actually stand for “bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast.” It means adhering to the Veruca Salt Code of Behavior, i.e., I want what I want when I want it ....more

Week 1 on Weight Watchers

“If you kinda do it, it kinda works. If you really do it, it really works.” That’s the quote I see when I log in to my Weight Watchers Personal Coaching dashboard. I got to pick it from about ten others — from cheesy to take-no-prisoners-warrior-woman — as I was filling out my baseline assessment (age, height, current weight, weight-loss goal, special challenges, favorite Beatle (no), etc.) so my coach would know what she was getting herself into ....more

Week 1 on Weight Watchers (sponsored)

My coach (hi, Betsy!) works in branding, seemed down to earth, and has not only lost weight and kept it off using Weight Watchers but has also been a WW leader at local meetings, which put my mind at ease since I was a little afraid my coach was going to be more of a cheerleader than a resource, if that makes sense. So far she's been a little bit of both, and in good proportion....more

Watch Me Watch My Weight with Weight Watchers (sponsored)

So! *brisk clap* *tricep jiggle* I’m starting Weight Watchers later this week, and just look at how adept I’ve become at sharing my feelings in 140 characters or less fewer: Unfortunately, I’m not as skilled at eating my feelings in 140 calories or fewer, but with some hard work and FOCUS, I hope to change that. This is the first post in a series of four, and I hope you’ll follow along because I promise it will not be corporate shill but my honest experience with the program — the good, the bad, and possibly yet another unflattering photo of me in spandex to add to the collection ....more

The Skinny on Weight Watchers (sponsored)

Let me be the first person to point out that not everyone can get away with my eating and exercise habits and still be what a lot of people would consider a “skinny girl,” but hey, even skinny girls get stretch marks and cellulite, and a skinny body is not always the same as a healthy body, the latter being my true goal (although less junk in my trunk would be a nice side-effect)....more

Gone Girl Returns

A few things I want to run by you: 1. Talk to me about Gone Girl. Assuming I will both read the book and see the movie, which should I do first? ...more

A Year in a Blink

I missed this last year and have lived to regret it (especially now, when I can’t just crib off 2013′s answers), so I’m resolving on this last day of 2014 to get this meme up come hell or high blood pressure, so here we go. *goggles on* 1. What did you do in 2014 that you’d never done before? ...more

Black Christmas (Sponsored)

Black Friday gets its name for what color business ledgers turn with all the extra income accumulating from holiday shoppers, and in that same vein, we’re hoping to have a black Christmas here at home, which for us means keeping er…getting our finances under control and out of the red. Historically, Simon and I have always been pretty willy-nilly with budgeting (read: we’ve never actually used a budget), but this is the year we finally buckled down and have attempted to establish (and stick to) a plan we hope will not only help us feel more financially secure on a day-to-day basis but also allow us to shore up for future expenses, from fun stuff like vacations and home improvement projects to looming things like college tuition for two kids (aiiieee!). Now, when I say we’ve never had a budget, I don’t mean we’ve spent our thirties playing fast and loose with fistfuls of cash, spending frivolously and thoughtlessly and sprinkling gold leaf into each morning’s cup of imported tea ....more