writer's block?

Wikipedia defines a writer's block as a phenomenon involving temporary loss of ability to begin or continue writing usually due to lack of inspiration or creativity. Am I having a writer's block? You see...my goal for the month of August is to be able to publish a post everyday... not just the usual photography-related stuff but something unique and creative. I've nothing against photography posts since that's my passion (and oooppps, almost forgot...that's what I do for a living!) but if I can come up with something different, that'll be way too fabulous. ...more

What I do when such thing happens to me is I just write too (not necessarily crap and hey, I ...more

on being a real artist...

If you hear a voice within you say "you cannot paint," then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced. - Vincent Van Gogh I know that drawing and painting are not among my God-given talents... in the same league as driving. You know, when God showers his blessings... we just can't have everything. However, practice and persistence have an amazing ability to overcome all types of shortcomings. And God rewards those who persevere... ...more

the joy of writing

You don't write because you want to say something, you write because you've got something to say. F. Scott Fitzgerald I love to write... I always have a notebook inside my everyday bag. I write all sorts of stuff in my notebook from things to do, blog drafts, minutes of meetings, photography stuff, personal statement of income and expense, lists of whatever gets into my mind at the moment and a whole lot of nonsense. I have created a lot of lists in my notebook... my grocery list, my type B friends, what makes me happy, things to do before I die, my wish list and a whole lot more. ...more

create your style...

Like photography, fashion has its rules. And like photography, once you learn the rules, go ahead and break them... (but please be guided by the three F's of fashion: flatter, fit & finance) "What is something I like that no one else wears?" Do not follow the trend! Get real... create your own, something that you can proudly put your name on. Why not make yourself your own fashion designer? That'll be so cool! (But don't forget to choose clothes that fit your body type...that's the flatter & fit part of the three F's of fashion.) ...more

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