Hearts for Home Blog Hop # 80

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Not-Back-to-School Homeschool Supplies

Every year as summer winds down, inspiration strikes me when I’m shopping at my favorite store. You know, the one with the hypnotizing bull’s-eye and all that inviting redness? When the water guns disappear and are replaced by colorful displays of glue, markers, and folders, I want to pull a school list from the end cap and start pitching notebooks into my cart ....more

The Kelly's Bundle of Joy Adoption Sale & Giveaway

Here is a great way to help a family and get some amazing products for yourself. The Kelly family is in the process of adoption, and several bloggers have gotten together to help them raise the funds they need to proceed. You've seen a lot of eBook bundles this year, we know because we've seen them too ....more

Hearts for Home Blog Hop #79

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Weekly Giveaways for Homeschoolers: Brookdale House Write from History Curriculum

This week's sponsor: Brookdale House- Write from History series In the Charlotte Mason style, children will learn to write by studying some of the "greats" -- collections from famous and talented authors of the past. Who best to learn from than the masters themselves? In this way, you are teaching an elementary student to write, and you’re also teaching history and handwriting ....more

Hearts for Home Blog Hop #78

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Family Scrapbooks from Scratch

{Read my disclosure policy} Scrapbooks have been around since before the invention of the camera. Thomas Jefferson kept scrapbooks during his presidency, in which he clipped and saved poems and newspaper articles. ...more

Homeschool PE Ideas: Tag, Toss & Run

{Read my disclosure policy} I'm on a quest to incorporate more outside play into our school days this year. Even though my kids are getting older, there's always a benefit to going outside and expending some energy. With schoolwork, media, and Minecraft taking so much of their time and attention, I am actually planning "Active Time" in our school schedule....more

Weekly Giveaways for Homeschoolers: Jim Hodges Audio Books

This weeks sponsor: Jim Hodges Audio Books Giveaway - Win 2 CDs of your choice Jim Hodges Audio Books Make History Come Alive with Henty books and more... When we first began listening to our new audio book, True to the Old Flag, we were captivated as we heard Mr. Hodges change his voice in so many ways ....more

The Homeschool Balancing Act

{Read my disclosure policy} Homeschooling and Getting it All Done We moms know that life in general can be a balancing act, but when you throw homeschooling in with all the other stuff you have to get done, it can seem like an overwhelming task. On top of that, you might be teaching multiple grades, tackling high school subjects, or dealing with a curious toddler. Field trips, errands, sports activities, and trips to the vet keep you on the road A LOT ....more