Cluttered Home, Cluttered Mind?

Is it autumn yet? I’m drinking pumpkin coffee anyway. With nutmeg! I don’t care if it is 73 degrees outside here in sunny Los Angeles. Speaking of the seasons changing, I foresee myself on “Hoarders” sometime in the not-so-distant future. Earlier I took a break from this screenplay I’m working on to look for a few of my old notebooks—just to see if I had any old ideas I could draw some inspiration from....more

Inspiration Station: Pursuing new ideas without forgetting the old

Hello all! So I know that it’s been quite a while since my last post, and I can’t apologize enough for that. All those pep talks about sticking with your ideas and breaking bad habits, and then I turn around and completely ignore my blog for a solid month. What a hypocrite!  What a sham!...more

Fifty Shades of Grey, as Read by Ellen DeGeneres

I work in an enormous bookstore that is nestled in the center of an upscale Los Angeles shopping center. Pretty much the only thing that anyone has asked for lately has been Fifty Shades of Grey—or some mangled variation of this title. We have sold out of this book so many times over the past few weeks that I have stopped keeping track. Men, women—even teenagers who probably have no idea what they are in for—have been asking about it....more
Loved seeing an interview with the author. She was so quiet and shy! Not at all what you'd expect!more

Is technology making us awkward?

Some days are harder than others

My best friend has this weird thing with numbers. Whenever she sees a set of numbers that mean something to her, like for example the date of her mother’s birthday or an old anniversary, she automatically thinks of its significance. These little reminders are everywhere—on clocks, street signs—even in measurements of things. Although I thankfully haven’t been cursed with this habit, we all have certain dates of the year that we would rather avoid....more

Kicking the abandonment habit (and how others can help)

I'm game: Just write. I'll read :)more

Everything Tastes Better When It's Shaped Like an Egg

Evil Easter candy, why are you so pretty? I have a permanent love/hate relationship with this ...more

Uncle Lynn's Advice for Not Folding Under the Pressure of Your To-do List

It is the most simplest piece of advice but how many of us don't follow it. I think it is a ...more