Choosing A Yoga Style

When I started practicing yoga 30 years ago, there were only a few styles of Hatha yoga appears in the Western world. As can sometimes occur along the data path, the tree sprouted branches of yoga, which only served to confuse some people and others to attract to this life transforming practice. I wrote about the many benefits of yoga practice with a skilled teacher, but once they choose this style of yoga to start your study, we can all be a bit overwhelming. Especially if you walk into a yoga class of drive power production at the gym waiting for an hour's rest and relaxation....more

When Feeling Sexy?

Feel sexy is one of the most desirable forms the confidence that we can experience. So you want is the feeling of being desirable, advertising the greatest use this motivation to sell us everything from toothpaste to soft drinks to cars. And yet, the acquisition of products have very little connection that spark that ignites us when we feel ourselves and have total confidence in our sex appeal....more

Balance Body Chemistry And Fat Loss Health

We've all heard of the ravages of acid rain. As a result of toxic emissions into the environment, acid rain damages the leaves and tree needles, decreases the tree's ability to withstand cold, drought, pests and diseases and even inhibits plant breeding. To counter the acidity, tree roots pull important nutrients like calcium and magnesium soil alkalinization....more

Participating in yoga during treatment for breast cancer improves quality of life

In an ongoing effort to scientifically validate the age-old belief that mind-body interventions have a beneficial impact on the health of cancer patients, researchers at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center have shown that breast cancer patients who participate in a yoga program during treatment have improved quality of life, compared to patients who do not. ...more