How Black History Lessons Cripple Our Children

I cringe to think that our ancestors suffered so that we could continually rehash their suffering. Yet, this is what we tell our children : “Once upon a time, sweetie, white people used to beat the hell out of black people. They raped us, starved us and treated us like animals because they felt that was what we were. We were less than human in their eyes. They made fun of our hair and our lips. They thought were had no morals, no intellect. They did everything in their power to make our lives miserable because they were convinced we were inferior. The End....more
@leftwingeddove I too hate the thought of my children ever wondering why others would question ...more

An Unapologetic, Unconventional Look at Race

An Excert from the recently released book: "You Blanking N-Word Cracker!"Chapter SixBlacks, Be Honest With Your White Friends ...more
This was a very helpful, empathetic column. Thank you for writing it.more

What Warning Signs? Why Family and Friends Often Miss Signs of Suicidal Depression

In the Time Magazine online article, Mary Richardson Kennedy: The Denial of Depression, writer Dominique Browning discusses the reactions of friends and family to the recent suicide of Mary Richardson Kennedy and some of the common misconceptions about suicidal depression. In particular, she focuses on the sense of surprise some people feel when a loved one commits suicide....more
Thank you for this reminder. I heard or read somewhere that to help someone with depression, you ...more

Suicide- The Aftermath

At the height of a recent bout with depression, I attended a memorial service for a beautiful young man who had committed suicide. I’d never met him, but had seen his photographs on missing person posters shown on the local news and online. I attended out of respect for one of his relatives I am friends with....more
You captured the openness of grief so well.  I can easily see how it could be a very profound ...more

Black Enough For You?

Last week I joined an online community that is an offshoot of a website dedicated to a radio show. This show and its host and co-host are well known and well liked in the black community. I often tune in on the drive home from work and I’m always impressed with the host’s efforts to encourage his audience towards effective networking and entrepreneurial success.  Because I’d been hearing him talk about his online communities for years, I decided to check one out....more

A Perfect Storm of America's Flaws

Hours after her surgery, U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords fights for her life in an Arizona hospital.  At last count, six of the twelve people shot outside a Tucson grocery store have died. A nine year old girl is among those murdered in this bizarre, senseless incident.  Over the next few days, I know we’ll learn more about the shooter’s motives. We’ll talk about the other acts of violence directed at Giffords because of her stance on the Health Care bill and we’ll shake our collective head over the startling lack of tolerance and restraint in today’s political process....more

Cable TV Just Got OWNed

     It's been almost a week since the launch of the Oprah Winfrey Network. The debut was so impressive that I tuned in every night this week to see what was on the menu. I have not been disappointed....more

Keeping the Holidays in Perspective

So, with Christmas only a few days away, I know that some people are already tensing up and choosing sides and rehearsing anticipated battles in their heads. I am fortunate to have never had that problem, but there are many people who see the holidays as a time when they are forced to spend time with people they would prefer not to be around. I get it. Last Christmas their Uncle Jeeter drank too much and threatened the parakeet with a carving knife. The year before, their sister gave out gifts that were aggressively...well, thoughtless....more

Good Morning Heartache, Get Lost.

I suppose I wouldn't have spent four years writing a novel about depression if I didn't feel I had something useful to say about the subject. All the writers' manuals say to write what you know, and me and depression have been pretty tight over the years. Real BFFs. So inseparable, at times it was downright sickening....more