Meal Plan Monday: Clean Eating Style

So I’m getting ready to sign up as a Beachbody Coach – a friend of mine has been talking to me about it since we went to our RRCA coaching certification together. She recruited me this week to join her 5 day clean eating challenge. I’ve been a part of this other challenge group off an on but I think there are a few factors that contribute to me not…participating as actively as I should be ....more

Friday Five: Fall Goals

This Friday we’re talking goals. I usually set my goals seasonally, and tend to keep the SMART acronym in mind – mainly realistic, attainable, and timely. Though strategic by thinking of my overall long term goals – lose 20 lbs, and be healthy ....more

Less Guilt More Living

I’ve been feeling really bad about being so neglectful of my blog lately. But…life. I’ve been living it ....more

Friday Five: Favorite Race Memories

This week’s Friday Five link up is about race memories. I keep thinking back to what made racing so excited as I struggle with my relationship with running these days. I’ve had some epic races – and while I’ll probably never be running a sub 8 minute mile or qualifying for the Boston marathon, some of my PR’s and So let’s recap on some of my favorite race memories. 1 ....more

A Weight Watchers Recipe Win

Last week, I had ...more

Nations Tri Training: Halfway!!

Dudes & dudettes…we are half way to triathlon numero dos. I’m not sure I feel quite ready. But I still have like…five weeks or so…but holy goodness is time flying!!! ...more

Friday Five: Five things to be happy about

This morning I was going to jump in and share what’s new – since my blogging and general “social media-ing” has been a little lackluster lately, but instead I saw this awesome healthy living challenge on Greatist and I’m going to use it as a guide to blog once per day for the next month to get back into it. Even if it’s just a picture. So here’s my Friday Five (which is always one of my more favorite posts to write, when I remember) Five things to be happy about… 1 ....more

Nations Tri Training: Week 4 and 5

I’m almost half way through triathlon training. Already. How did that happen? ...more

Race Recap: Foam Fest 5k

Recently, I completed my first adventure/endurance race and holy….eff…was it hard. I mean, there are hard races (like the one I ran Sunday in Baltimore that was a bit hillier than I was prepared for) but then there are races that just challenge your endurance and make you leave everything out on the course. Those races can be marathons or they can be endurance 5k races ....more

Weigh In Wednesday: Dealing with Setbacks

No one is perfect. Last week, my tracking was uber craptacular. Like there was no point ....more