A Tribute

I had all of these amazing things I wanted to write about. I have running goals, and I was prepared to talk about the amazing experience I had mentoring my fantastic 10k group. I was ready to run a PR for my last race of the season ....more

Race Recap: Across the Bay 10k

Homies, I ran my 2nd to last race of 2015 last weekend. I ran the Across the Bay 10k last year – and apparently, in order to complete the medals puzzle, I’ll be running it the next three years too. I digress, it’s a great local race ....more

What I Wore: Weekend Wear

Ahhh the weekend. Generally, I spend my weekends in leggings and oversized sweaters – it’s the two days that i don’t need to dress up or put a lot of effort into. Prior to the comfiness this past weekend, I got a little “dressed up” for a sweet Junior League event and stepped up the weekend outfit effort ....more

What I wore: Girls Night Out

Tuesday night I had a lady date to celebrate a pal’s...more

Race Recap: Hagerstown Duathlon (#2)

On Saturday, I ended my 2015 triathlon season. This season I completed...more

Currently | October

Linking up with Jenna and Anne for this month’s “Currently” post – my posting has been super lackluster as of late (so so busy with life which is good but I miss blogging. I need to make more time for it.) but I made a conscious effort to really do a little pre-writing this week. I can haz planning? ...more

Get Your Fall Race On

Earlier this year, I created a month by month race plan. I budgeted for my races, and I registered early (mostly) and often. Luckily, I’ve gotten to do most of the races I planned on ....more

What I Wore: Lusting over Loft

Lately, I’ve been all about Ann Taylor Loft. One weekend, when I stole away during naptime, I managed to pick up quite possibly the comfiest pair of ponte pants. Bonus, they’re not...more

My first Stitch Fix

It was about time I jumped on the Stitch Fix bandwagon. Friday afternoon, the box arrived. The glorious box! ...more


Nine years ago, you wooed me over the course of a weekend long “date.” You twirled me around under the rotunda on a late night tour of the Capitol. (Blurry because…it was all such a blur. Wasn’t it?) Six years ago, we said I do and vowed to love each other in good times and bad ....more