Oversized Sunglasses and Incognito Tampax Store Runs

 Yeah, these errands often go awry, and in case they do, you need a pair of these:...more

My Sunday: Pajamas, Word Games, and Wine Cooler(s)

When the kids are all with their dad, you're on your own,and you can't get over to visit your mom on Sunday, then this is what you do:...but only once the sink's empty and the laundry is drying on the line, of course....more

Back to Basics: It's Time to Get a Clothesline / Start Line Drying

This is a repost from last year, on a topic I feel strongly about -- going green, especially when it saves money and adds quality to our lives!:...more
I love the fresh smell of sheets from the clothesline! It is a refreshing gift from Mother ...more

STUPID PUPPY Blogger: Readers' Opinions Matter

 @Bad Luck Detective Well, I appreciate your visit, so welcome! And good, I'm glad I'm not the ...more

Conversation with My Kid: Killer Sandwiches and Mothernappers

Actual conversation with my 10 year-old son this morning — this is real, folks:My Darling:  [Looking at his Australian Shepherd playing outside]   Aw, look at Foxy.  Ah, I just love her so much, Mom.  I wouldn’t give her up for anything in the world!...more
 @victorias_view Yours, too!? They'd really miss our sandwiches more than they think. lolmore