I'm Jealous of Mothers with One Child

Not too long ago I sat around a table of other moms at a coffee bar, chatting about this and that and so on and so forth. I joined in by telling them about a mom blogger I admire, who jaunts around town, experiencing and writing about her fabulous life in the city. You know, with her ONE kid... And I emphasized the whole conversation with a big fat eye roll. Which was awkward, because I was sitting at a table SURROUNDED by women who had only ONE CHILD. And that's when I swallowed my gangly foot. ...more
Kathy K I really appreciate this honest comment. I can't imagine having to make the conscious ...more

The shearing

There comes a time in every young girl’s life when she must do something drastic. She needs to show her independence. Fight the power ....more

Some Stuff

Good God I’m glad it’s the weekend. It’s been a WEEK. My inner homebody took over this week, and I just didn’t feel like leaving the house, you know? ...more


It’s been a while since I’ve done a reading post. Honestly, I haven’t been reading as much as I would like, but I just finished some fantastic books I want to share with you, and update you on what’s piling up on my nightstand. The ones that stick out are the ones that are a little embarrassing ....more

Check your skin, part the second

I have this bad habit of always thinking things are going to be okay. Not really a terrible affliction to have, exactly, but it can easily look like I’m blowing things off. I’m not ....more

Some stuff

We took an impromptu trip to the park yesterday because the library is boring and unacceptable. So we just renewed our books online like true lazy people and packed up a picnic lunch. We ran into a boy from her preschool class in the sandbox ....more

Thoughts on summer

As the end of school neared in May, I held a fistful of dread for the coming summer. Summer means long days of intense heat, not going outside unless we’re in the water, and lots and lots of stir craziness. Summer meant stress ....more

The Torreses get some culture

We went to a little place I like to call “the art museum” the other day. I call it that because it was, in fact, an art museum. This post is really just an excuse for me to force on you a smattering of photos for proof that no one was kicked out ....more

The neighbor girl

My girls have made their first neighbor friend, and it’s stressing me out. We share a fence with the people behind us, and my three often hang out in the back of the yard chatting it up with an 8yo girl, Merry. Who knows what they talk about ....more

Some stuff

So….How was your 4th of July? Patriotic? We had a downright lazy day if I do say so myself ....more