Comfort and Harmony Mombo Nursing Pillow

This post brought to you by Comfort and Harmony. All opinions are 100% mine. There's been a rash of babies in our family in the last few months…. twins in February and a singleton in March…. all boys, so when Comfort and Harmony offered to let me review their Mombo Deluxe nursing pillow, I asked [...] ...more

I just wanna soak up the sun.

I’m having trouble with my photos. I always do when I’m here. This is what I have so far… sideways and all! We’ve spent most days at the beach and pool. Yesterday, though, we took the ferry to Cozumel. We rented a VW bug (this one had better brakes than the last time) and some [...] ...more

Checking in from Playa

We are away… at the beach…. in Mexico. So don’t call me if you need me. Email me. And send lots of money by wire to my bank account (kidding of course – we really are in Mexico but don’t need money. This isn’t one of those email scams). This is Ryan’s first trip to [...] ...more

newspaper flower pots

Our Daisy troop was working on the Clover patch which teaches the girls to use resources wisely. For the activity we made origami newspaper flower pots to show them one way to reuse resources. We had to help them a little with getting their creases tight, but most the girls could follow us step-by-step. I [...] ...more

I went to a barn

Yesterday, Ryan had a field trip to a local farm. I’m realizing that in his vocabulary farm and barn are two totally different concepts. I’m actually not sure he knows what a farm is. So in his words, yesterday we went to a barn. He was very concerned about the hay ride and where the [...] ...more

I haven’t used

I haven’t used my notebook for a few weeks – no lists, no jotting down ideas. This is where it gets me: late blogging 3 missed doctor appointments no menu, thus no real dinners no undies for the boy (who is walking around naked at this very minute telling me “I need undies and pants”) [...] ...more

Easy and Quick Teacher Appreciation Gifts

We all know I’m a lover of lists. Monday is National Teacher Day so I thought I’d throw together some ideas for appreciation gifts that are thoughtful, quick and easy. Not sure about you, but I don’t have a ton of time to home make candles to hand out this year, or any year for [...] ...more

Some happenings around here…

When you start off the week with someone in the hospital you know it’s going to be a weird week…. and it has proven to be so for us. Henry was released on oral antibiotics on Monday afternoon, still limping and with a crazy, kick-butt headache.  Our bedroom became a temporary convalescent home for one [...] ...more

community gardening

Yesterday I shared how we are gardening with our neighbors this year. We’ll all plant a little something in our yard, with Nicki and Harvey having the most with the raised beds. The idea is that we’ll know where our food is coming from while dividing the cost and labor across three households. Yeah for [...] ...more

Community Garden

Growing up my mom always had a garden, even when we lived in the city she grew tomatoes in our flower beds. She’s always taken us to pick-your-own farms and put up jams and canned vegetables. It’s in my blood. I grew into my mother as I tended tomatoes, squash, and carrots in my townhouse [...] ...more