My Life in Bullet Points

I know, I know. It’s been a long while. Which is why I’m reduced to updating you in bullet points, cuz frankly I don’t have the time to type all that shit ....more

I’m Alive, I Swear

I know…it’s been a while. I keep saying that, huh. It’s been a good absence, though. I am doing research for a book and it is just…fascinating. Wonderful wonderful stuff. What else is going on in my world? Hmmm…I think it’s easier if I just bullet-list it: ...more

When Things Are Too Evil To Contemplate

I am writing only because right now I am so horrified that I am hoping that by venting it, I will release some of the horror, repugnance, sadness and nausea that is building up right now.I just read a report of a man who is on trial for killing the 6-month old baby girl of his girlfriend. Apparently, he was drunk as all fuck, and had attempted to make love to the girlfriend at some point in the evening, but ...more

People, You Really Need to Keep Up

I’ve been sooooooo busy.Really, it’s scary.And to make sure that you don’t miss any important moments in my oh-so-scintillating life, let me give you a bullet-point list on what the hell has been going on ....more

To Snip or Not To Snip, That Is The Question

You may recall – I did tell you, didn’t I? – that the people we got Wolfie from were not reputable breeders as they seem to have thought, but bona fide assholes.Well, it gets better.Apparently, Wolfie has an undescended testicle, which for those of you in love with difficult words and tongue twisters, is known as cryptorchidism ....more

I Wish Taylor Swift Would STFU

I was never a Taylor Swift fan. However, I did give her a slight nod of the head of respect when she first….FIRST….came out with the FIRST song in which she blatantly blurted out her feelings about a relationship gone sour. It was her prerogative, I thought, to voice her feelings and where else would she do it but in song? ...more

Awesomeness Personified

This is short, cuz I have things to do, people, okay? But I wanted to share this with you, because this is… AWESOMENESS PERSONIFIED ...more

I’m Tired of Kids That Are Twats

Really. I am.I work SO FUCKING HARD to make sure my kids are NOT twats. They are not perfect. NO one is perfect. But they know to say please and thank you. They know not to be greedy. They know not to be rude to other people. They know not to be mean and nasty to other kids. They know that when you say rude things to someone it hurts. They know that if for some reason you are rude ...more

Um, Yeah, I Didn’t Tell You But We Have a Baby

Did I not tell you?I don’t think I told you. Maybe I did but I’m too lazy to go back into my own archives to check.Anyhow, last December, early in the month, we brought this little guy into the family.Wolfie ...more

It’s Not TOTALLY That I’m Lazy

I’ve been WANTING to write, and I’ve been WANTING to post pictures and video and shit and MY MAC WON”T FUCKING COOPERATE.It’s sort of my fault…I think. I think I need to upgrade my OS. And until I do that, when I try to connect my phone to the computer to import the damn pictures, the program won’t even recognize that my phone is connected ....more