Even before Google, my mother knew

Being Highly Sensitive isn't easy. Being Highly Sensitive and not knowing it is even less easy.I didn't always know what I was, or why I was the way I was. But there was a time when I wished I wasn't....more

5 Outdoor activities our Highly Sensitive Child loves

A few years ago, when my 5 year old was just an infant, I didn't know many things. I knew some, but not many. One of the things I was sure of from the very beginning was the fact that my baby loved being outside. Whenever he got restless and cranky after I had tried everything to comfort him, taking him outside for some fresh air always did the trick.Another thing I was certain of was that my son didn't like to be around too many people at once, and he became inconsolable if there was too much noise where we were....more

Facing fear to enjoy the thrill of life

Dr. Elaine Aron recently wrote about her experience white water rafting in the Grand Canyon. In a beautiful post, she tells the world about how this experience was both incredible, and incredibly scary....more

Packing for a trip with a Highly Sensitive Child, and other "unnecessarily complicated" things first-time-parents do

I remember a day, not long ago, when packing up for a trip was something we absolutely dreaded. It was something that could potentially bring on a full blown panic attack on my part. Something that required endless lists to be put together during an entire workweek. Something so physically and mentally exhausting that I needed a week to recover, only to have to repeat the whole process again....more

Why we travel with a sensitive child, by guest blogger Bronwyn Joy

No one ever said traveling with young children was easy. And anyone with a Highly Sensitive Child can tell you that doing anything that requires leaving the house, be it flying to Italy or going to the supermarket for eggs, can be a challenge. We try to do everything in our power to make our trips, short and long, as easy and comfortable as can be....more

Just last year...

It's hard to believe that just last year I had no idea what a Highly Sensitive Child was. Sure, I knew my son was sensitive about some things; I assumed he might be shy, an introvert maybe. Sometimes I just thought he was being difficult, defiant, purposefully trying to test me and push me to my limits. I was told time and time again that he was a "difficult" child, and although it drove me crazy, I eventually started to believe it.Just last year, we thought we were alone....more

Pushing a Highly Sensitive Child

The last two weeks have been quite eventful, to say the least, jam-packed with incredible and surprising achievements by both our kids: milestones reached, habits changed, risks taken, fears overcome. What's funny is that it seems that the last two weeks have been eventful for many mothers of Highly Sensitive Children....more

This thing we call empathy

The other day we adopted a panda bear. I wasn't planning on doing it, but my son drove me to it.The panda now lives with us. He sleeps in my son's room, and even though my son isn't really interested in playing with him, his mind is at ease knowing that we saved him from his potentially dark destiny. Who knows what the future can hold for the hundreds of thousands of poor plush panda bears, lying in huge piles inside those cold wire cages all over IKEA.It's heartbreaking really. Well for us highly sensitive folk anyway....more