The 30th Birthday

It has been one year since I began the American Baby Plan in London. The idea of this blog was to get my life sorted and become pregnant by my 30th birthday. The choosing of this particular birthday was not arbitrary: I knew I wanted to have children, and finding myself in the ideal situation of being happily married and in a good financial position, I decided to use my  biology to my advantage and start my family now....more

Keep Calm and Carry On

Five years ago I was living in a lovely shared house in South East London with Husband and 3 other friends. Husband and I had been living together for over a year and we were engaged to be married that September. I was finishing up my internship as part of my masters course in central London. On that particular day, I was headed into my part time job in Chelsea. I was running late (as usual) and had to get a later train than husband did. As the train pulled up to Waterloo Station, people began to stir. Something was wrong in central London, but no one knew what yet....more

World Cup Widow

Daddy's Little Girl

Be Careful What you Wish For

Right when I came down with my first morning sickness symptoms I caught a stomach virus from a family member. At the time I was unable to determine which symptoms were caused by the virus (and would therefore leave me in peace after a couple of days) and which were caused by morning sickness (and would therefore be sticking around for several more weeks!). In addition to which, a chronic condition which I thought I had put to bed has reared its ugly head again. Ever since I have been suffering with morning sickness I have had to also deal with the return of migraines....more

Personality of a Perfect Child

“Aunt Leila, will you go on the roller coaster with me?” my four and a half year old niece says as she excitedly tugs at my skirt. “Oh sweetheart, I would love to but I can’t.” I reply. “Why not?” “Because it may hurt the baby in my belly.” I say as I watch my little munchkin's face contort as she tried to work that one out. “Come on silly, let’s go on the Ferris Wheel instead.” I suggested. Typical to her nature, my niece thought about the suggestion, considered it, and then agreed with absolutely no fuss or tantrums....more

A Very Happy May Day

It is not typical for Husband and I to spend a 3 day weekend at home – we normally take advantage of the public holiday by gleefully packing our bags for a sunnier mini break in Cornwall with his family. However, since I have just returned from an epic 4 week business trip, we are more than happy to spend a quiet one at home for a change. Thankfully, this particular trip was not so bad. Once a year I try and arrange for Husband to accompany me on an overseas business trip. We normally aim for ones that are particularly long and also ones that stopover in really interesting places....more

Vanity, Not Fair!

When I told my childhood friend that I commuted to work by bicycle, she found that image incredibly hard to picture. She knew me as the child who pulled all kinds of excuses to get out of gym class –  I was allergic to breaking a sweat, you see. The concept of me arriving to work all sweaty and out of breath was almost unbelievable. She nearly fell out of her chair....more

Talking to Strangers

Ever since I moved to the city, I have relished the anonymity of seamlessly blending into the urban fabric and keeping yourself to yourself.  Armed with an ipod, book, or newspaper you create a force field that protects you from inane conversation with people who insist on bothering you before you’ve had your morning coffee. It is the only thing that makes the commute by public transportation bearable and it is a defence mechanism that has spilled into all corners of the modern city life: Neighbours? Don’t know ‘em. Grocery store lines?...more