Meet Congressional Candidate Krystal Ball (Yep, Real Name)

Political blogger Nisha Chattal introduces us to Krystal Ball, a young Democrat running for Congress in Virginia....more

Chronicbabe Jenni Prokopy Helps Women with Chronic Illness

Lauren Fritsky, Lemondrop Jenni Prokopy looks the picture of health with her wavy red hair and bright smile. But since age 25, she's battled fibromyalgia, a chronic pain disorder. Instead of letting her poor health get the best of her, Prokopy decided to start an online community for other women with chronic illnesses called in 2005. ...more

Jenni spoke at BlogHer this past summer, and I know she (and that entire PatientBlogging ...more

The Fug Girls Pick Glamour's Women of the Year Best and Worst

On Tuesday night, Glamour held its annual Women of the Year to-do, with guests ranging from Maya Angelou and former President Clinton to Steven Tyler and the Queen of all Media, Ms. Tyra Banks. We can only imagine the kind of pressure that comes with trying to look your best at an event built around the awesomeness of women -- especially with a guest list so varied and glittering. As always, a few celebrities pulled it off with aplomb, but for others, actual glamour was in disappointingly short supply. ...more

The Fug Girls Pick the Best and Worst Looks of Fall TV

We've all been there: in front of a mirror, bored with our hair/noses/eyebrow arches, and desperate to make a change, any change. Sometimes those difficult times yield genius, like when Katie Holmes copied Suri's adorable banged bob and made us weep with envy. Sometimes, change for the sake of change is a bad thing -- like, say, the frizzy, unmanageable disaster that would've happened if we'd rashly copied Katie's awesome coif on ourselves. ...more

Fashion Mags Catch Plus-Size Fever. Now Can We Get Past "Plus Size?"

Emily McCombs, Lemondrop. Glamour has been getting a lot of accolades for including a spread of genetically gifted plus-size models in their November issue, and we have to admit we find it amazingly refreshing to feast our eyes on women who have winking bellies, shapely thighs and even (gasp) back flab just like ours. ...more

this is a great news, being fat sometimes lessens the confidence. featuring the beauty of ...more

Lower Your Bills and Make a Budget (Even If You're Lazy)

Erin Scottberg,, for Lemondrop's Cheap Week Part of living on less is making your money go farther, and lowering your bills and keeping a basic budget can both help. Luckily, much like sending greeting cards, remembering birthdays and spelling basic words, the Internet can do it for you. Or at least that's what some sites promise. But could they help me, a girl who's ready to swipe her credit card the second her wallet's empty, actually stay on track? I tried some out to test. ...more

My husband and I have used Quicken since we moved in together. It made saving fun and we were ...more

I Saved Money by Eating Garbage. Literally. You Can, Too.

Emerald Catron,, for Lemondrop's Cheap Week Maybe it comes from a long history of being a miserly, tightfisted kind of gal (when I was kid, I would let my parents hold onto my $1 allowance, then wait until I could collect a massive sum), but I have absolutely no problem eating garbage. That's right. I eat from the trash. From time to time, when the mood strikes. ...more

I've watched a documentary about dumpster diving and I was amazed at the things that they ...more

Al Franken Can Draw the U.S.? So Can We! Oh, Wait ...

So everyone on the internoodle is so excited that Al Franken drew a map of the U.S. from memory. "Big deal," we thought, and challenged our writers and editors to do the same. ...more

10 Romantic Comedy Heartthrobs Who Need Restraining Orders

By Andrea Zimmerman, In the horrendous new romantic comedy "All About Steve," starring Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper, Sandra plays Mary Horowitz, an unusual woman obsessed with a guy named Steve. So obsessed that she travels cross-country to see him, venturing into the dreaded category of Stalker with a capital S. ...more