Rack of Lamb with Fresh Herbs

Spice up your protein routine...literally! Rack of lamb is often thought of as a meal for a special or romantic occasion. This could be due to the high price tag but should not be mistaken as a difficult meal to whip up. The ingredients are simple, fresh and so delicious. All you need are a handful of fresh herbs, olive oil and of course, the rack of lamb. Prepare this dish as a standalone recipe or pair it with a grain and vegetable, such as the polenta and wilted spinach pictured here....more

Avocado & Lime Recipe

I've always loved guacamole, but I never realized how delicious an avocado could be on its own until I cut out processed and refined foods. My tastebuds have since been revitalized and reawakened as I continue to discover simple, delicious pairings with few ingredients. With my hectic schedule, there are days I don't get to eat lunch! I crave healthy fats to feel full and balanced so I turn to avocados, which that taste really, really ridiculously good. Pair that with my favorite flavor - citrus -  for a fabulous mini-meal comprised of two superfoods....more