dear lovebugs

We just came back from our first family vacation with the 4 of us.  Let me just tell you guys, it was NOTHING like any vacation I have ever been on in my life.  I had no idea that packing, flying and spending a week at the beach with two little lovebugs was going to be SO MUCH WORK.  I'm not kidding.  For one thing, trying to pack everything we would need, all of us, for a week at the beach is really overwhelming.  I had to pack food products I can't get down there.  Toys.  Books.  Movies.  Clothes.  Toiletries.  Medical supplie...more

Dear Lovebug L

Dear Lovebug L, I have to say you are the sweetest baby.  You really are.  Your disposition is so easy going.  You are happy pretty much all day long.  You are pretty good at entertaining yourself and you love your Mommy!  What a good girl.  This being said however, for the love of humanity, stop getting up, for the day, every day at 4:50 am.  I mean I know that 4:50 is better than 4:30, which you also like.  But 4:50 is like a punishment.  In part I love spending some quiet time with you in the morning before your brother gets up, BUT, I...more

Dear Lovebug K

Dear Love Bug, for K Right now you are sitting beside me in my office "working".  You are such a little grown up.  You answered the phone at the same time as me a minute ago and said Kyle speaking.  Pretty funny.  You are coloring and watching Caiou while I am working.  You are very serious, and being very quiet, maybe because I am very serious.  It is so funny! You started school on Monday and you loved it.  You met lots of other kids and had lots of fun.  You have been saying the funniest things: "I need to tell you a...more

Dear lovebugs

Dear Lovebugs: Today was a great day.  I hope when you are older we still do this.  Right now we start everyday talking about what a great day today is, and every night the last thing you tell me is today was a great day mommy.  (well last thing before I tell you good night, I love you, see you in the morning).  I love when you tell me today is a great day, it reminds me that today is indeed a great day.  Even if I am so consumed with getting us all where we need to be, fed, napped, etc.  and consumed with somehow getting my work done, and frustrated be...more

Letters to my love bugs

Today I decided to start writing to my children.  A woman who's blog I follow regularly lost her son this week- and I was inspired by her love for her son and her family to really dig in and tell my kids how I feel about them.  If I was gone tomorrow, they would never know how I felt, what my life was like, and what was on my mind and heart.  If I am able to I would like to leave them a written history of my journey as their mother.  In this way they will always have me with them no matter what.  And, they may be able to understand a little more about me and our rel...more