Women hate beards

If you put credence in studies, then that’s the latest bit of insight psychologists have come up with. Women hate beards.Apparently, women were asked to rate men before and after they shaved off six weeks of facial growth. Overwhelmingly, they preferred the clean cut version, rating the men without full facial whiskers as more attractive.But not so men. The results suggest that beards send a signal of masculinity to other men. Because of that, many believe it’s true for women, as well. Apparently, it’s not true....more
My husband shaved his beard off once. I made him grow it back. He looked... wrong. more

Infanticide: An ethical debate?

It’s true. Two ethicists have penned an article, examining the ethics behind killing infants. It wouldn’t be or euthanasia since, they explain, the baby wouldn’t necessarily have to be suffering from a birth defect or terminal illness.Predictably, the article has resulted in death threats against the authors, as some believe such possibilities should never be raised – even within the confines of an ethics journal....more

Rest in peace, Davey Jones

Once Our Lady Star of the Sea’s final bell rang, on those days when my mother let me go home with my best friend Debbie on a yellow school bus, we’d spend the afternoon watching “Dark Shadows,” and biding our time playing Barbies, waiting for our favorite show to come on–”The Monkees.” Debbie loved Davey Jones. I loved Mickey Dolenz. We were 8 years old. We made big plans. We would grow up and marry them and star on their TV show, too. ...more

Aspirin can stop the spread of cancer

And it could mean a huge, albeit simple, breakthrough in cancer research. Australian researchers at Melbourne’s Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre–the only public hospital in that country dedicated to cancer research–finally pinpointed the reason why so many believe that basic aspirin can be used to control the spread of some cancers. To oversimplify, it helps shut down the lymphatic vessels, which are key to the transmission of tumors throughout the body. ...more

The upside to chocolate

I always buy my boys chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Why? Because of its health benefits. Obviously that’s a lie. But it’s comforting to know that chocolate, unlike a lot of other really delicious food, has a lot of pluses in its pro’s column, and not that many in its con’s. ...more

The truth behind child pornography

Please note: This is a graphic topic. I feel physically sick writing about it. Child porn is not a victimless crime. The babies, toddlers, ‘tweeners and young teens depicted in repulsive images on videos on Internet sites are not computer generated. They are real children being raped in the most graphic sense of the word. On the enforcement side, the number of hidden pedophiles arrested for the possession of child pornography increases every year thanks to Internet crackdowns. Statistics from the year 2000, show over 1750 arrests. ...more

Lips: Tattoos final frontier

And I’m not talking about the outer lip, either. I’m talking inside the mouth. The most popular place for inner lip tattoos is on the inside the lower lip, and then you turn out the pink flesh and expose your special message…or art. Usually, folks tattoo a word, since it’s a tough canvas for even the steadiest handed tattoo artist to get a clean line. Ornate doesn’t cut it. Folks put all kinds of words inside their inner lips. Of course, they have to be tattooed right side up, so when turned out, the public can read your message. ...more

The incredible shrinking dress size: Welcome to the world of vanity sizing

t’s called vanity sizing. And Cosmopolitan Cosmopolitan Magazine published an article last year, posing the question that most intelligent and, dare I say, mature women have been mulling over for the last decade or two: How come I’ve gained weight but my dress size is smaller? ...more

What if you stepped on a scale before you ate lunch?

It's an option at Tanita Corporation in Japan. You might recognize the company--it makes scales and body fat monitors. I happen to own one of its scales....more

Bacon flavored beer

But you’d have to head to Germany to find the real deal. If you’re a beer aficionado, unlike me despite my German ancestors brew-making background, you’ve probably heard of Rauchbier, or smoked beer. Essentially, the ale is made from drying out the malt barley by using an open fire, giving it a smoky flavor. ...more