final project proposal brainstorming

boundaries/environments/public v private/physical presence of peopleI want to explore all of them but how and where do i begin---as far as my project for my black&white class goes -- i have to shoot 15 rolls of film and come out with 15 prints -36 exposures per roll-I want to show through the objects that we interact with a presence a sense of history -- and very possibility a time lapse would be best suited ?...more

I have a hard time following

So I have been taking Salsa lessons and I am really loving it. It is strange for me to have to dance with a partner--I am so used to dancing by myself at the club or anywhere in my house but I have become more comfortable with sharing that space with people in a social setting if that makes sense.  I don't have to see it as a sexual advance but rather a fun activity of sharing.  We had like 5 or 6 weeks of beginner lessons and now I'm in the intermediate class....more


so just a pre-cursor --- it was stream of consciousness writing and i'm goin to just copy down all that I wrote in the honor of preserving the randomness...more

If the carp tunnelly thing is gone-- you should so give it a go Denise


Glorification of Pepper-Spray

why is it that men can have weapons that kill like guns, knives, bow n arrows but women only get pepper-spray?Today in ceramimics, a young lady about my age was working in the studio with me when another young lady like ourselves say her keys.*Oh my gosh, is that pepper-spray?*(me)Oh wow! It's pink!* Yeah, (chuckle) do you like it?At that point, I turned back around to continue throwing when I realized what had just happen.  I don't know if there is a word for it but{we all knew what it was}{we all knew why she had it}and...more

Right! Now if it looked like another key that would be cool and dangerous :)


I am a feminist

I am a feminist.Cant feminism be part of my identity?While reading bell hook's ¨Feminist theory", there was a whole chapter devoted to feminism. In which she says some very provocative things.p31" we could avoid using the phrase, 'I am a feminist' (a linguistic structure designed to refer to some personal aspect of identity and self- definition) and could state, 'I advocate feminism'."...more

women in the military

I heard from, my morning news source, the Uptake this morning, that there has been a report that has come out about women in the military.  It reports that there has been an increase number of sexual assaults being reported by female soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I think they said it was a 7 or 9% increase.  They don't believe that that is do to the fact that there have been more sexual assaults, necessarily, than in recently years but that women are coming forward more, but the real truth is that most go un-reported....more


how many women do you know have compromised on something that they really wanted or have compromised on a part about themselves?i know i have done it--ESPECIAL when there is a guy involvedi every relationship thus far i have compromised my priories, time, emotion, and energy is someway or another to please this other person. Why? there is a multitude of answers to this question i cam sure but the ones i can think of is--i have to please this person to validate myself....more


Labelingto name, or tag--to attach label to or to classify as Why do we label?Is it to place things and people into categories to better know them or as a dismissal?Once something or someone has been labeled--do we go back and reevaluate them?a fruit that is oblong in shape, has a firm outer layer, and is green then turns more yellow and ultimately brown as it ripens -- a Banana or a type of banana--there is no reason to disbute this but when it comes to people-we are not as clear cut...more

here's to the long journey to consistency

Wow-First Entry-it has been a while coming- the whole idea of this blog is to have a place where ideas and people can connect-i am hoping that i will be able to make myself through and through a more consistent person-- ...more

A great first post - congrats on entering the blogging world!

I think as women we often ...more