Can We Just STOP with the Fat-Shaming BS, Please?

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I appreciate a good John Green Giant Squid of Anger gif. And yes! So over fat-shaming and body ...more

Simple Pleasures or, My Knitting High OR, How to Avoid Being a Sourpuss

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Having a Body is Hard

This body is NOT gonna last, and I want...more

Would This Have Happened If A Man Had Been There?

I'd like to tell you a story.Once upon a time, there was a group of girls who had reached the end of a lovely evening out.  They decided, it being a freezing night in England, that their best bet would be to take the bus back home.  And for about half the ride, it was fine, until at one stop, a man got on the bus.  ...more
I don't think it matters at all how you act. Some men will continue to harass you, no matter ...more

Why Am I Not Vegetarian? Because Meat Tastes Good and I'm Picky

I'm an omnivore. A picky omnivore (I'm slowly getting better). I have friends who are vegetarian and vegan. Some are more evangelistic than others. Some are just like, "Eh, I'm a vegetarian. Big whoop." Others regularly post things about how much better, healthier, more moral, etc., their choice is. And you know what? For the most part, they're right. ...more
Loved your candid words on food.  I am also a "meat-eater"...and respect the famers and cattle ...more

The Joke's on Us

(Source)In one of my classes, each of us was supposed to prepare a performance response to something that came up during the term.  Being a class on the theory of comedy, there were multiple discussions on what the line was in offensive comedy, and something the lecturer said over and over again was "Comedy changes the situation".  There's nothing wrong with comedy offending someone if the point of offending them is to get them to think about their assumptions, because that's a change in the situation.  In discussing with my lecturer one-on-one, we talked about how so often comedy just targets people who already get the short end of the stick in society, rehashing tired old stereotypes and only serving to put those people down.  This has bothered me for a long time, and this is what I decided to address in my performance response, and I knew that the way I had to do so was through slam poetry....more