Gun to Your Head Cleaning Tip

This morning I awoke to a army of ants aimed at my dog, Lollipop's, food bowl. I followed the long trail back to the window sill all the way to the front door. .Really? Crap. It's 7a.m ...more

I Ditched Cooking for Cleaning

In the past two decades or so there's been an explosion of interest in home cooking. Not exactly like our mother's or grandmother's home cooking. Perhaps it shouldn't even be referred to as "cooking" but more as "cheffing." The verb could be described as experiencing food in a different fashion. ...more

Sometimes All You Need is a Shot of Pine-Sol

How many of us (or how often do we) get that anxious feeling that tells us you need a drink?Like, say you're overwhelmed. You need a drink.Or you just want to surrender to the day/evening, so you have a drink.In our culture, "you need a drink" is an acceptable suggestion to the outward showing of anxiety, tension, sadness, depression. And it definitely works. But at a certain age, during a certain hard time in my life, with a certain level of consciousness, "have a drink" was not the solution to my problem. It would only add to the problem....more