#1000Speak: The Compassion Connection

Let's connect!  Looking forward to connecting! I'd like to connect with you!...more

Do You Ever Feel Like a Hidden Mother?

I don't remember how I happened to run across my first hidden—or even better, invisible—mother photograph. But I've been haunted by the pictures ever since I discovered them. There's really nothing sinister about them. The shrouded mother was never meant to be featured in the photograph. Here's how it was supposed to work. ...more
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Becoming Part of the Tribe

Should We Be Applauding the Baltimore Mom Who Beat Her Rioting Son?

Am I the only person in America who is having a little problem with this? Image Credit: WMAR Please understand, I am NOT bashing this mother. I am sure she loves her son and was concerned for his safety and his future. I'm not accusing her of abuse, or saying that her parenting caused her son to be a rioter, or advocating that he be removed from her care....more
SamanthaLily Thanks, Samantha.  You put it well and succinctly!more

First Communion, Nostalgia, and How Time Really Does Fly

Facebook newsfeeds teem with Prom photos this time of year, and--if you are Catholic--with First Communion pictures.  Both are rites of passage that many of us can relate to and which engender nostalgia (or PTSD, depending on what your Prom experience was)....more

Is Fear Ruining Childhood

Like many people approaching the mid-century (ACK!) mark, I look back fondly on childhood as an idyllic episode in my life.  And while it may be true, as Doug Larson says, that "nostalgia is a file that removes the rough edges from the good old days," I still think those days were pretty good....more

#1000Speak: Bullies on the Bus

More Than a Feeling

Five Life Lessons from The Godfather

John and I are spending the weekend in Dallas with my sister and brother-in-law.  They have an in-home theatre, and last night we ate Italian food and watched The Godfather....more