My CarbLovers Diet: Day 6

Morning weigh-in: 207.4 (total loss to date 2.4 pounds)I am happy that I lost a little more than 1 pound. I think starting the 30-Day Shred helped.Today wasn't a very good diet day for me. I snuck a few Golden Oreos. But ONLY A FEW!Breakfast was a banana. Lunch was the Big Chopped Salad. Dinner was a small serving of lasagna. No, it's not in the diet. But my serving was quite small. I didn't eat the day's recommended snack. (Ahem, I savored a few Oreos instead). I'm drinking water and diet drinks. ...more

My CarbLovers Diet: Day 5

Morning weigh-in: 208.6 poundsI posted "Day 4," but it seems to be lost somewhere in BlogHer. I hope I can find it.Well, today felt pretty rotten. I felt like I was fighting all day today. I work in/from home. So every single twinge of hunger or craving drove me batty. Plus, it didn't help that the scale showed a bit of an increase. As happy as the decrease made me feel the other day, the increase today made me feel like a failure....more

My CarbLovers Diet: Day 3

Morning weigh-in: 208.6 (+ 0.2 pounds / net loss 1.2 pounds)OK, so maybe I shouldn't have had the creme brulee last night.I am certain of one thing: I have to incorporate some exercise into this plan! I have a few options: walk around the neighborhood, Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred, and the CarbLovers Workout. I've looked at the pictures; I haven't actually, you know, performed any of them. Working out -- a goal to begin in the next week....more

My CarbLovers Diet: Day 2

Today's weigh-in: 208.4 pounds. (-1.4 pounds)I can't express how excited seeing a 1 pound decrease in my weight made me. One pound less and I'm euphoric. I floated off the scale, danced into the kitchen, and, for the first time ever, felt like I might actually be able to DO THIS THING. It definitely put wind in my sails to continue for one more day....more

Day 1 of a CarbLovers Diet

After months years of talking about my desire to see my pre-baby body again, I made a decision. The talk is over. It's time to act. Inspired by the testimony of Jen West, I purchased The Carb-Lovers Diet.I began Wednesday morning with a weigh-in....more