Love Omnipresence

Knock, knock! Trim, trim! Click, click! It is November, the city lights early and you wait for the snow to arrive. Looking trough the window the white poetry falling, you wonder, love could also fall from the sky. Right there in your couch, on that Sunday afternoon to bother you with hot kisses, activating your ferocious senses while you try to watch the match....more

Ego x Being

The ego and the  being drew up a battle of fullness and pain. The ego played the past neurosis and uncertainties of the future role. The being responds saying that the awareness of now, is the way to happiness....more

I love you…show me

“I love you. Than shows me.” He says that loves her. She says that already told him. Even so, is not enough. Those tree little words lost in the emptiness space of wave communication.She wants to fell  loved. He wants her love inside him. We asked to be loved. We want to be loved. What we do not understand is where are these tree little words. They are in the invisible agreement of wishing well. They are in the silence of the thoughts. Thoughts of love. They are in magnitude of the intangible. Looks, breaths, thoughts, dreams…...more

Intimacy. Do we still appreciate it ?

In 1990, the whole world was affected by the Sinéad O'Connor intimacy demonstration symbolized by her  tear on the Nothing Compares 2U video. In 2008, Britney Spears desperately crying for help was rated like  a stupid, crazy and weakness behaviour. Both shared with us  their intimacy,  in 1990 we loved in 2008 we hate it. Do we still appreciate and understand  intimacy?...more

Love Recipes

You go to a search engine and type the question. How to make a girl/guy fall in love with you? Is 73.000.00 answers enough to find out what love is? Why should we need a recipe to capture someone?...more

Kiss Me Baby

A French Kiss, Butterfly Kiss, Earlobe Kiss, Cheek Kiss, Eskimo Kiss, Forehead Kiss, Hand Kiss, Finger Kiss, the list there’s no end.  When comes to kissing we explore all our creativity. It makes us fly, crawl, sweat, dream,  go mad,  happy, and we can not help to want more.You wake in a middle of a cold winter night cover in sweat, breathless and agitated....more

State Of Mind

The birds singing in the morning, the form of cotton clouds, the sea kissing the sand, the freedom sensation and this force that leads me to smile. The flowers nature beauty, the animals inspiration way of living, the human being ability to love, or the sunset at the beach. Is this the so talked state of mind? ...more

No More Struggle!

A Letter To God

,Dear GodHere, I am, ready to take this long journey with you. They say you are everywhere. I arrive in the top of the world, and try to reach you. Is this the right way to reach you ? What it takes to find you?...more

Women In The Thirties

They are everywhere, on TV Series, books, headlines, corporationdirections,  politics, aloneat restaurants, or picking up the kids from school. A lot has been sad about the women in the thirties,  but the best word to define that stage of women life is fascination. ...more