Henna Tattoo Crown

Dean and I went to the Minnesota State Fair tonight. A great date night that he and I look forward to every year. We got a bit sidetracked by the henna tattoo both ....more


6 weeks post chemo. Yay for pin feathers! ...more

Summer Bucket List

I think Dean and I need a bucket list for next summer to make up for the things we didn't do with the kids this summer.Normally I do one fun outing during the week with the kids. A trip to the zoo or some community event. Then on the weekend we do one family outing ....more


I've been quiet lately. I have all kinds of things to say, I just don't know how to say them or where to start. I'm at a loss for words.On September 12th I'll be having a bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction ....more

On the Path

I didn't see it coming.I was blissfully unaware,living my lifeas if it wasn't possible.There was no warning.That unexpected turn in our pathcausing me to lose myselfas I tripped on the unknowns.It is hard to fall gracefully,all willy nilly and out of control,trying to right oneselfwhile looking eternity in the eye.The battle to regain composurehands at the readyto grab holdof anything that looks stable.Finally steadyBrushing off the dusta cleansing breathstanding tall and continuing on ....more

Asher's love of water

The first day I met Asher he was given a "bath" in the sink of his room in the institution. Its kind of like a farm sink at counter height. You can kind of see it here in this picture of Abel in the same institution ....more

Back in Time

I was having trouble uploading videos to youtube tonight. While I was waiting for things to process I was looking at some old videos of Angela. This is one of my favorites ....more

A Little bit of Audrey

Audrey has been home 4 1/2 months now. Last week we put up a small pool. Yesterday she was scared to death of it ....more

Life in the Garden

I found Angela and Dudley laying on the floor. Me: Angela, what are you doing?Angela: Resisting arrest!We may have trouble on hour hands in the future. ************************************* Some of the kids are done with summer school, some are half way done and others are just starting, This is because I don't have enough trouble remembering the daily schedule from one day to the next....more

Take that, cancer!

Its done! Chemo is done!!I had my last treatment on July 17th. Unfortunately the fatigue is cumulative with each round, so even though I did not have that evil Neulasta shot - so no bone pain - I am still dealing with some fatigue on day 14 ....more