What do you do when...

What do you do when your prosthetic boob falls out of your bra and onto your feet in the grocery store? Why, pick it up and put it back in of course!What do you do when there is an itch on the INSIDE of your boob somewhere behind the tissue expander? (seriously, how is this even possible?) You shimmy around a lot trying to shift the tissue expander to scratch the itch, which is like a phantom itch and can't really be scratched.What do you do when you're trying on a prosthetic sports bra thingy in Nordstroms and you get very stuck in it? ...more

One of those days

Today was one of those days......when I realize there are 562 chromosomes in my living room. (10 kids x 47...more

Remember when I said...

Remember when I asked "What should I do?"Between the comments here and on Facebook, there were some great suggestions, even if some did include water (Hello, I don't DO water!). So here's where what I decided:I want to learn these things this year: Some kind of dancing - Ballroom or Hip Hop are on my radar acrylic painting how to play the guitar, or at least some basic chords. I want to be one of those moms who can play the guitar and sing with her kids ....more

The year I disappeared

One year ago four words changed the course of my life as I knew it. "You have breast cancer."...more

Ankles, Knees and Guided Growth Systems

Audrey is one very flexible girl. People like to use the term "double jointed" but there really is no such thing as being double jointed. A person can have loose ligaments and tendons, or ligaments that subluxate (slip out of place), but no double joints.Audrey…oh this child…she can bend and twist in all kinds of interesting ways ....more

What should I do?

I'm making changes in my life. Some are evident to those around me while other changes are more personal, to be kept to myself as I strive to be a better person, mother and wife.But I also want to try new things. LOTS of new things! ...more

Before and after

A friend of mine is getting ready to start the process to bring another child home. She asked me for before/after pics of my kids. It is amazing the changes that happen to these kids in just a short time home ....more

We thought we were done!

We thought we were done adding to our family, but there was one more member we didn't know about. Meet Kat the Cat. She is a rescue, approximately 3-4 months old ....more

Its been awhile

Hi everyone.I'm still here. We're still here. Life is good, just very, very busy ....more

Hello 2015: Pt 2

Back in mid November I met with my oncologist. I hadn't been back since about three weeks after I was done with my last chemo and I was WAY over-due for a check up.I thought I was done. I had a lumpectomy, then chemo, then mastectomy ....more