Discharge today!

Angela was admitted to the hospital two weeks ago today, and today she's coming home! Axel and Asher in particular are excited to have her back, and just in time for Thanksgiving! We certainly have a lot to be thankful for this year.I wish I could say coming home is going to be easy ....more

Back in a room

Monday was spent doing lots of labs and watching Angela's ammonia levels fluctuate, but she was waking up a little more every hour. Unfortunately waking up didn't mean being her happy self. Unfortunately the glutamine (neuron protector in the brain) was too high, causing her to have a migraine ....more

Playing catch up

Now that I have borrowed a computer from the hospital's family resource center (thank you Geek Squad!) that I can keep in the room during our stay, I can also update the blog. Typing on the phone is so not fun. Its probably not fun for you to read through the typos either!So...back to last week...On Saturday we were finally given the possible diagnosis of OTC Deficiency ....more

Update from ICU

Posting from my phone so please excuse the million typos.I canot begin to tell you how comfusing the kast 48 hrs have been. Let me recap:10/06/15 walked into the hospital for surgery her normal chipper self. Had gtube placed ....more

We found the zebra, she wears a pink tutu!

Some of you have known Angela for years in the DS community. Others are more recent additions to our circle, either via the adoption community or connections through friends. ...more

zebras in parks

Nobody seems to know what makes a teenager sleep for days on end, getting deeper and deeper until she is not responsive. Sleep through an ambulance ride. Sleep through getting an IV placed ....more

If you could

Angela is in the hospital again. Praying we get this figured out ....more

Random stuff

Playing catch up here a bit. You know, since I was awol from blogger! So here are some random pics and videos from the last few...ah...months....more

Fall Clean Up

Its a beautiful weekend here in Minnesota. Well, in our part anyway. I hear my parents are getting snow way up north ....more