4 months PFC

PFC = Post Final ChemoMy hair is the strangest color! It is really salt and pepper, but the color changes depending upon the lighting. If I'm in the shadows it is black ....more

His name is Asher: 3 years home

With the first step through the doors the familiar smell of the institution assaults my nose, the heavy odor of cooking smells overwhelming me. Five of us squeeze into the tiny elevator as I try to suppress the urge to point out it was only built for two, maybe three people. ...more

Not just a boob job

So many people are of the mistaken impression that having breast reconstruction is a good way to have a breast augmentation (aka a "boob job") covered by health insurance. What people don't realize is that reconstructed breasts are not the same as augmented breasts, and that having their breasts reconstructed is a nightmare for most women.We didn't WANT this! We don't want the scars ....more

Three years

Three years ago I boarded a plane for Belgrade, Serbia. I was so very anxious to meet our newest son! ...more

Lets Not Talk About It

I can talk about a lot of things.I can talk about nipples, I can talk about breasts.I can talk about surgeries and implants and tissue expanders.But, it makes my knees weak to hear someone describe in detail how a reconstructed nipple is formed (cut an "s" shape, twist those pieces around and sew them together) or how incisions are made and breast implants or expanders inserted.When my plastic surgeon says things like, "I need you to be size x so that I have enough skin to cover a size X implant". No. I am sorry ....more

Just a Bra

Today I am doing some much necessary cleaning; things that haven't been done in months but now that I'm feeling so much better its time to get them done. Besides, we're having people over tomorrow night so its a good motivator.I can't believe the pile of clothes, shopping bags and just odds and ends of life that have accumulated in this corner of our bedroom. I started sorting everything into piles, getting distracted here and there by my finds.And then I found the bra.I haven't worn a bra in two months ....more

Good morning parents!

Excuse me while I step onto my soapbox for a few minutes. ...more

Here Comes Winter

Sunday night:We live in Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes and a lot of cold. Last year we, along with the rest of the country, put up with the Polar Vortex multiple times (would that be Polar Vorti?) making it one of our coldest, and longest, winters on record.For the last several days there have been rumblings of a big winter storm coming. Its a little early for this type of storm, but most of us remember THE BIG ONE of Halloween, 1991 ....more

School Pics

We finally have everyone's school pictures back! With a couple of retakes they turned to great this year. Audrey? ...more

November Thankful 1

I am so very thankful for the most amazing man ever. Every single day since I was diagnosed, Dean has said or done something special ...more