They're just words

The words of my life:CancerDown syndromecricopharyngeal Achalasiastrokeepilepsynarcolepsytraumaseromabreastsgastrostomy tubePTSDRADside effectsinframammary foldtissue expandersimplantschemotherapymammogramMRIPET scanTwenty words or terms that carry so much weight, at various points of my life dictating daily activities. While these words have certainly been the roots and stones causing me to trip along life's path, they certainly do not dictate my direction.As I encounter each of these obstacles I am reminded that God allows for life's lessons and learning to happen. It is my job to pay attention to what He is showing me ....more

Senior Picture Time!

I cannot believe that Angela is a Senior this year. It has been amazing to me watching all of my kids grow up, but I won't lie, watching Angela has been extra special. From a tiny 4 lb baby who wasn't supposed to survive to the beautiful young lady I get the pleasure of hanging out with every day! ...more

Where have they been?

It happens all the time.Everywhere we go people know her.They're usually in crowds."Hi Angela!""Oh my God! Angela!" followed by their fake teenage girl hugs.Girls I have never met. Pretty girls ....more

Tissue Expander Fill

Today was the first of what will be many fills to my tissue expanders. If you're on my Facebook you know by my status this morning I was having a lot of anxiety in anticipation of this event! I'm still in a fair amount of pain with occasional severe shooting pains ....more


I have so many things I want to tell you. I would even be willing to post pictures just to give you a bit of perspective, but that might be taking things a bit too far.So, I will tell you this:If you are having a really bad day, and you feel like the world is ganging up on you, I want you to look down and take a peek inside your shirt. See down there? ...more

Awareness Month: Down syndrome

My previous post was about breast cancer awareness. I am reminded of the existence of breast cancer every day. I try, though not always successfully, to not let breast cancer rule my life ....more

Awareness month: Breast cancer

It is October 2014. It is Down syndrome awareness month and it is also Breast Cancer Awareness month. Where do I start????Lets start with Breast cancer this year, shall we? ...more

The Day of Surgery

A new reader asked if I would write about the day of surgery and how everything went. Its not all positive, but I will write it anyway. ;-)The morning of surgery was a carefully orchestrated chain of events that had to start days in advance ....more

Post Op Recovery Continued

Yesterday I called my plastic surgeons office to say, "Hey! I am out of drugs and I am ...more

Day 13 post Bilateral Mastectomy

Disclaimer: Please remember that my cancer related posts aren't just for my regular readers, but for those searching for information because they or a loved one have been diagnosed. My posts are very honest, and I don't believe in leaving out details that someone may find helpful. So, if you're squeamish, or can't handle me talking about what used to be very private parts of my body, then you should hit that little x in the corner now ....more