Some good news with a little drama

Angela trying to think of more things to talk about to keep the ...more

Today is the Day!!

We've been so busy with projects around here that this even nearly escaped having a blog post attached to it. Angela has reminded me every day for the last two weeks that "August 16th is coming right up!"You may remember that prior to her diagnosis of Abernathy Type II malformation, Angela's ammonia levels continued to climb. Twice she found her way into a coma due to hepatic encephalapthy ....more


One thing about adopting older kids, is they don't stay little very long. Axel is 16 today. Gone is our little boy, and in his place a man!I know on the other side of the world is his first mother, father and brother, ...more

Big sister to the rescue

August is our month for appointments! All the kids will see the eye doctor, dentist, get whatever shots are needed, and get physicals for sports.Today was Abel's eye appointment. He really has a tough time with doctor appointments ....more

Funny how that works

When you adopt a child, you are agreeing to accept whatever diagnosis may have been missed prior to adoption, or whatever comes up later as they grow. This is just how life works, and if you don't want it to work that way, you should never adopt. Just say'in!!!As an example, there was Axel's diagnosis of AAI (Atlanto Axial Instability) just weeks after arriving home from Serbia ....more

GOOD NEWS Check up!!!

Today Angela had a check up with her liver specialists and surgeon. First she had an ultrasound to check the bypass they put in back in April. Her liver looks great and now, for the first time in her life, is ...more

Dear Kim

I'm going to address you personally, since you are obviously obsessed with my family and would like to pick apart my parenting. Unfortunately I accidentally hit "delete" on your most recent comment instead of publish. (reflexive action, as I get a lot of spam and your comment was mixed in with several of those and my finger was clicking away ....more

The Refresher Course

Yesterday was exhausting.It didn't have to be.I could have chosen not to go.After all, he is 29 years old and responsible for his own decisions. Why should I go and sit through what I already know? It is a huge inconvenience to make the two hour drive, spend the entire day dealing with heavy emotional stuff, then drive two hours home.Because it is "family education day" at the treatment facility, and I am his family ....more

Time hop with Cancer

Every day the Timehop app reminds me of some event over the last few years. For some things, I don't need a reminder. Like a birthday or anniversary their dates are stuck in my head.July 17, 2014That date marked my last round of chemo ....more

Snails Pace

Amos my love. This kid has stolen our hearts completely. He is a character for sure! ...more