A Dangerous Woman

   Adah Isaacs Menken (June 15,1835 – August 10,1868) was the original global Superstar, the first media celebrity, a daredevil American performer who risked her life on stage. Her definitive biography A Dangerous Woman: The Life, Loves and Scandals of Adah Isaacs Menken 1835 – 1868 America’s Original Superstar by Michael Foster and Barbara Foster is now available in hardcover and kindle. A poet and rebel, she was known to Victorians as “The Naked Lady.”...more

Adah Menken, the Civil War sex siren, was secretly a woman of color, jewish and had 5 husbands. ...more

Cooking for Health

We love traditional recipes–the memories, flavors, and emotional benefits of eating recipes we have loved since childhood. Tomatoes, red wine, fish, and grapes make a Mediterranean smile. They are healthy for many people. My “cooking for health” class is different from others because I do not stress recipes as much as healthy ingredients that prevent specific illness. They include tea with hawthorn to protect the heart. Bitter cleansing greens cleanse impurities in order to avoid allergies, blemishes and acidity. Hormone-balancing, energizing maca powder is useful for men and women. Anticancer mushrooms such as shiitake, enoki, and reishi assure a long comfortable life. When cooking for health, we think prevention at every meal. Many people can use these ingredients in creative ways....more

Yunnan Paiyao

A great beauty died yesterday. Eight Belles, the third filly ever to run the Kentucky Derby, 17 hands tall, elegant, jet black, a wind sprite, was not the favorite. She fought hard and earned second place by race's end. Then broke both ankles and fell down. "Euthanized" was what the track vet. called it. She was in pain. That's how it's always done. Medical protocol does not change. No thought to save her, not even an instant replay of her accident or discussion of her break by the media. The usual honors were give the winner, whose name I forget for the moment. ...more

Garlic - A Stinky Friend and Natural Odor Remedies

Do you love garlic but hate the smell? It comes out your pores. It is not just bad breath. Garlic is very healthy but it can drive vampires, cold, flu, parasites, and friends away. If you want to prevent garlic odors: * Drink sage tea. It reduces excess sweating. It also boosts energy and immunity. Don't drink it if you have a fever. *Drink aloe vera juice or gel. It is soothing, alkaline and healing for acid reflux ...more

Feed Your Tiger: Lose Weight and Love It!

Have you ever thought that you or your friends resembled Dragons, Bears, Tigers of Cranes? Their body type, vitality and eating habits are unique. *Dragons like salty junk foods and develop water retention. They may be emotional eaters or PMS bingers. *Bears have a sweet tooth and a tummy. On trips, they seek pie and cupcake stops. Gymnema is useful for diabetes. *Tigers are food adventurists. They like spices, rich eating and alcohol. They may develop cellulite, allergies or headaches. ...more

Antibiotics and Yeast Infections: A Family Affair

Antibiotics are used for bacterial, not viral infections. Bacteria are all over. Once in the tropics, I was bitten by an invisible thing probably from the standing water under the sink. Within days my arm was bright red, bruised, swollen, and I was light-headed from spreading infection. Anti-inflammatory herbal antibiotics don't help if the infection is too strong. Another time I got strep throat (my bugaboo) from a public phone at JKF. What would my tonsils say--if only I had them? ...more

Happy, Healthy 2008! Natural Help for Colds and Flu

A New Day is Dawning: Make it your Best! Are you ending year 2007 with a bang or fizzle? If a cold or flu lays you low, it's wise to combine antibiotic drugs with herbal medicines to kill germs, detoxify the body, reduce drug side-effects, and boost vitality. See asianhealthsecrets.com for additional product information, books, and recipes. ...more