Seven: Will He Be Like Me? Do I Want Him to Be?

When he was born, he was the mirror image of his daddy. Now his eyes match mine. Weeks of soccer camp made the fuzz at his hairline the familiar white I see in my childhood photographs. When he says something silly, the same subtle dimple peeks from our right cheeks. He is changing. I was seven years old when my family moved to a new town.  Most of my memories of that summer are of me sitting on the cement front steps of that tiny house, thinking, wondering, worrying. ...more

I'm Featured here on Blog Her!

Kim at Let Me Start By Saying I got some great news today....more

Balancing Blog, Book, and a Budding Writing Career

The past six months have been an excitingly exhausting time for me. I have been writing my entire life, but only the past two or so years have I really put myself out there to be read. After a lifetime of collecting stories, observing, reading, thinking, and talking, I’m finally channeling my need to write into a path towards a career as a writer....more
Although I have not yet been able to make the leap to full time get paid to write things. (Ok, ...more