10 Things to Know for an Emergency Evacuation From a Family Who Lived It

Five years ago, my cousin, Kathryn, found herself loading up her car and her family under evacuation orders because of a local wildfire. We thought she'd be a perfect fit as a guest blogger for our preparedness series this year. So here it is, what you want -- and need -- to know to be ready for an emergency evacuation....more
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Goodnight Waffles and Grandpa’s Big 4th of July Parade

It began in 1981 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Balloons, kazoos, miniature stick flags, and 3-cornered newspaper hats were part of the fun as twelve members of Frank and Bessie’s family marched around two blocks for Grandpa’s Big 4th of July Parade. Cars would honk and cheer, and some neighborhood children would come join them as......more

3 Ways to Say “So Long”

We moved 10 times in our first 20 years of marriage. You might say I have a weird sickness – I get a little giddy when I see a moving van....more

8 Tips for Garage Sale Shopping Success

I’m a girl who loves a good garage sale. It first got into my blood two summers ago-all it took was one jackpot of a sale (amazing baby boy clothes that pretty much outfitted my little guy for a year-not kidding!) and I was hooked. Last summer, my husband and I were busy training for......more

Family Reunion: Movies Theme

It’s time to roll out the red carpet with a movie-inspired family reunion!...more

Amazing Race Party

As mentioned in a previous post, due to some health challenges my life as a young adult was quite different than most. I spent a lot of time at home and at doctor’s appointments. My social life was regulated by a need for a lot of sleep and a large number of food restrictions ....more

Summer Infant’s Best for Moms and Babies

One of my biggest surprises of being a new mom was the sheer amount of stuff I found myself carrying around. And pulling out of drawers. And using on a daily basis ....more

A Workout for Any Mom

So really this workout can be for anyone – no child needed. But my mind is in soon-to-be mommy land over here so that’s what this workout is called for...more

Missionary Birthday

When my son celebrated his 2nd mission birthday he really didn’t need anything....more