Second Chance Tails

Life comes with no guarantees. Few things are promised to us in this lifetime. Sometimes, the most we can hope for is a “do-over”. A second chance to redeem ourselves. A second chance to gather a little knowledge, store up some confidence and show the world what we’re made of. That is the premise behind Prison Tails, a program born of Mixed Up Mutts.  What began a decade ago when Chris and Sarah Stevens made a visit to Best Friends Animal Society has turned into an animal rescue mission that has the AKC singing their praises....more

Dance Steps

The world is a buzz with wedding news this week, as the British are broadcasting a real life fairy tale for the ages.  The heir to the throne has asked a commoner to be his queen.  In the words of my local DJ, "Everyone loves a love story".   This is true.  My family is living has it's own love story.  This weekend, as people rejoice over Prince William's engagement news, my family will be rejoicing at my cousin's bridal shower.  ...more

All American Road Trip

Technology killed the family road trip Technology killed the family road trip oh,woh,oh,oh,oh   If you know that this should be sung to, "Video Killed The Radio Star" then, you my friend, are old enough to remember the age of the All American Road Trip.  Back before GPS, portable DVD players and MP3 players.   Back when families hit the open road in the pitch ...more

Say What?!

As children, didn't we all make a list of things we would never say when we grew up to become parents?  Things like, "Because I said so."  Well, I had a list.  And I may have kept to some of those things, but over the years I have found myself saying all kinds of crazy things that I could never have imagined coming up in normal conversation.  Things like:Quit eating money.  We save pennies,  we don't swallow them!...more

Of Red Lights, Cell Phones and Kim Kardashian

The universe is a complex and mysterious place.  Sometimes, like when I'm sitting at a red light waiting for it to turn green, I like to ponder it all.  You know, those questions that seem like there is no easy answer.  Things like:Why is it that when I'm in a hurry I hit every single red light?orWhy does my cell phone quit ringing the instant I fish it out of my p...more

Holiday! What holiday?

Oops!  This past Sunday was a holiday and I totally overlooked it.  Grandparent's Day.  What makes it even worse; we spent Saturday afternoon with my son's one set of grandparents.  You'd think I could have managed a "Happy Grandparent's Day!"   But, I didn't.  So much for being more thoughtful and caring.  What made me remember was a fellow blogger posted a story about her grandparents and asked others to add their own.  So, I donated ...more

Tumbling Walls

"You're lucky to be alive."  These are words no one wants to hear.  But, if it's said by a neurologist and she is staring at a MRA of your head, then it's enough to strike fear in your heart.  And change the way you look at the world around you.  This past winter I faced a health scare.  Concluding with said visit to neurologist.  One specialist and some more testing later I had a diagnosis I could live with.  Less grim.&nbs...more

Things I Do When No One Else Is Around

Things I do when no one else is around to see me:Today, at work I dropped a big glob of yogurt on my shirt.  No one was around so I sucked my blouse into my mouth and licked the yogurt off.  Please, don't judge me.  It was strawberry shortcake flavored and I couldn't help myself.  So delicious. Don't we all do things when we think no one is looking that we would never do in front of others?  I hope so.  Or else I'm the only one ...more

Scenes From A Marriage

Have you ever had a conversation with your spouse only to have it again the next day?  Is he forgetful or is he really not listening?  Maybe, both.  I know that I can tell my husband what we are having for dinner and an hour later he will appear in the kitchen.  "Something smells good.  What's for dinner?"  I love my husband and it is our ability to laugh about this that led to my newest entry for my blog.  Check it out here:

School Of What If

They're baaaaack!    Rumbling through the neighborhood, with little faces pressed against the glass and tiny hands waving good-byes, the school bus is back.  Must be the first day of school.  And, oh what a day it is.  One day with weeks of preparation and hype leading up to it.  Lots of money spent in honor of it.  It's Christmas without any presents.    ...more