Dear God Give Us Strength

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

     My post will be short tonight, because I never thought I could be so tired from looking at a wall all day. I feel like a balloon that's been deflated. For two weeks that storm tormented us and it's finally passed. Ding dong that witch is dead.      So humbling to see that tiny, tiny wall standing up to the gigantic fury of Gustav. It was David & Goliath at their best. Made me realize that we CAN make this work and we CAN make NOLA safe. But that's another post. ...more

Praying For A Miss-by Letty NOLA

So, I'm sitting in a hotel room on the Panhandle. My son and husband are catching up on some well deserved sleep, as I was until the dog woke me. We are all holed up waiting on the effects of Gustav. It is cloudy, the water is choppy and the wind bands are starting to move in. It will be bad enough here to scare us, which is what scares me about conditions back home, but completely safe. This hotel has ridden out 4 major hurricanes and no one is worried. Believe me, we've checked! ...more

Thank you Laurie so so much.




Please Pray It Away-by Letty NOLA

Thank you Laurie for your kind words.  Love and prayers to you and yours in Houma tonight.  ...more

There's Nothing Left To Blow To Bits-by Letty NOLA

I'm sitting here waiting on Clinton to take the podium.  I don't know why, I could care less tonight.  Their bickering doesn't hold water to the fact that within the next 3 days, I have to load up my entire family and get the heck out of New Orleans. ...more

"Screw Bob, Always Screw Bob"