Where was Google when NDAA Got Signed?

Do our rights to internet supersede the right to a fair trial? Where was Google or anyone on the internet channels or networks when THAT got signed? I am infuriated- their whole campaign to keep our internet rights is not in OUR interest but THEIRS. The only reason why they are protesting is because they have a business invested in the internet. Without the internet the way it is today they would have no money and that’s that. Their add campaigns, public sharing sites would be shut down. But what about our right to an attorney, to trial????...more

Got engaged??? Time to win something for your wedding!

Yay! Your engaged! Now what? Well, of course your family asks you right away, "When's the wedding?" You are speachless because you just got engaged. How the heck would you know when your wedding is??? Well, now that you started "planning" here is a chance for you to win a toast at your wedding at one of the most amazing venues, ever: Amara Resort and Spa in Sedona, Arizona. It is one of the most beautiful places to get married. Here are some pictures and a little bit about the contest to show you why you should get married here:...more

Win a Kindle Fire and Get Holiday Photos Cards/ Party Favors at an Amazing Price!

How many times have you been told "Buy this and get this... " and then there is a huge survey (that gets you nothing and steals all your info) or you do it and it's a 2 percent chance you get the prize. In the case of annoncingit.com (which is celebrating 20 years of being in business and is woman owned), it is totally different! Not only was I able to get an amazing deal on my Holiday Photo Cards, but I bought through Facebook to enter to win a Kindle Fire! (there is also a sale: ‎$45 for $75 of Invitations + 25% off Holiday Photo Cards)...more

Have a New Years Resolution? Holiday Inn San Diego Mission Valley is giving away $100!

Hello!In the habbit of Thanksgiving I am giving a contest I found that is quite fantastic and inspirational! It is from the Holiday Inn San Diego Mission Valley and is called New Years Party Package giveway which includes a 2 nights stay in San Diego and a $100 visa gift card. Just share your new years resolution on facebook and share the contest image.Here is all the info and site:http://www.facebook.com/SDHolidayInnMV?sk=app_238928049501716...more

How to Cook Salmon and Wilted Spinach

I had a hard time finding a good cooked salmon dish, untill I fell upon this really good how to video. I know, it is "taboo" to steal recipes and then tell your BF you "created it yourself," but all I have to say is he loved it :) ...more

Did you have the most Romantic Silly Proposal? Well enter it to win a Romance Package and stay in a Spa Casita!

Did you have the cutest proposal ever? The funniest proposal? Or have the best  idea for how to propose?...more

Get Your Sexy Back! Girls Get Away

Want to get away with the girls? Well this is the perfect contest to enter! Easy, costs nothing and no stupid surveys- Go get your sexy back by giving the Sheraton Atlantic Beach a reason why you deserve it on their Facebook page and whoever sounds like they deserve it the MOST wins! :)The Girls Get Away Package Includes:...more

Are You a Woman Chef? A Woman Cook? Or Just Someone Who Loves Recipes? Post Here!

Hello all you fellow woman cooks and chefs or just women who love to cook! I am making this post for you to post your blogs and your best ideas or to just say hi :)...more
Oh, btw I was the one on there who entered the vegan bbq tofu lettuce tacosmore

The best vacation you will EVER have- Be treated like a "celeb" Contest is now up!

Invite whoever you want and enter to WIN all of these amazing prizes! click here to enter: http://apps.facebook.com/sweepstakeshq/contests/129473 ...more

wish you all luck! this is the most amazing and legit place I have ever visited- it truly is a ...more

If there is anyone I love most... its my cat :)

Now, I know its a common misconception that women just "love cats," not all women love cats, but I have to say that for me, my cat is my best friend. Now I am a normal girl with a bf and a fulltime job- another misconception is that women who love cats are alone and have no lives. Well, obviously this is not true and even with my bf who i love to death, he would never get me to get rid of my cat. My cat is my best friend, and my bf understands because there is a bond between woman and animal that surpasses normal human relationships. ...more