And then we'll all watch Stepmom

Characters: SJ (single), Leah (long term relationship), Laura (long term relationship: engaged), and Me (as single as they come) Location: the living room of my apartment. Hanging out. Me: Oh by the way SJ, you're invited to "Single Girls' Night", because we're tired of couples being allowed to have couples night. We can be equally exclusive! ...more

My First Triathlon

As of a couple minutes after 10am today, I am officially a triathlete. (Let me say here, that the excuses that are about to follow are not really excuses as much as they are supplemental reasons. I know I'm not amazing. Both Lin and Laura: good. They can aim to win. I know that I'm not as fast, even if I train equally hard. Or, at least, equally often. I'm not saying I would have won if it weren't for ____. I'm just saying, I would have finished a little faster, had it not been for______. That said, let's get on with the post!) ...more

The Single Label

Sure, we sometimes post about our floundering first dates, or how it was the homeless guy saying we had nice legs that cheered us up after a terrible terrible break up. But I personally have an aversion to that "sex and relationships" title, or "posting about single life". I think it's such a clearly defined niche area. Like mommy bloggers. You're a mom? You blog? You're a mommy blogger. You're single? You blog? Here: sex and relationships. Go. I can't decide whether to avoid this label, or join it! Anyone else facing the challenge? ...more

Hi Ifar,

I have a personal blog, so it's never the same from day to day. Over there I ...more

Weekend Warriors

I'm looking for blogs by other women who yes, are active and athletic, but who also blog about their personal life. Most of the athlete blogs I find are basically logs of what they ate and their minute per mile pace of a 20 mile run this morning. FUN, too! But it'd be cool discover people who train "on the side", i.e., have a lot of other things balanced as well. I'm for starters- who else is out there? ...more

I blog about running, my life, my kid, and my transition ...more

Other NYC bloggers?

Hey ladies, How do you go about finding other bloggers from your city? I'd love to read the blogs of other Brooklynites or New Yorkers... are you one of those? Post here! ...more

Hi Lisa,

Welcome to Blogher. I took a look at your site and it's nice to see someone ...more

Not sure if I can go...

I probably won't be able to make that Friday an available day... is it worth it to just come for Saturday/Sunday? Do you allow people to register for only Saturday/Sunday? -Lisa (ps. Sorry if this isn't the location for questions) ...more

I would think that the personal time to connect with your fellow bloggers while attending the ...more

Remember the Milk! So handy... keep track of to do lists (tag your tasks, set deadlines, use google maps to plan our your locations... REALLY good tool) ...more

New member: any other students around?

Hey! I started blogging several years ago, but it was one of those teen angsty blogs- so I've started a new one a couple months ago that I'm trying to keep "good" (by good I mean perhaps somebody else in the world will develop an interest in something I write). ...more

Thanks for the link! I'm loving your blog (as you've seen by my comments).

Melanie ...more