Chateau Le Griza : BEFORE PICS

First things first, we were not looking to move! We simply got trapped...more

Time to Play Catch Up....

So behind on the blog but big things are happening on the house front so time to play catch up and post some pics. ...more

Disney Ice/ Chappells & Warrens Visit /Titans Tailgate.

I don't know if life has ever been as busy as it is these days! We are having a good time and packing in some great stuff. I am a few weeks behind with this post, (which should...more

Pearl Jam in Cincinnati

Big shout out to BeBe and PawPaw for...more

Sister is 13 Months Old!

My little princess has had a great month. Seems the further from 1 she get's the happier she becomes. It is unbelievable how #serioussister has become so happy and sweet since her birthday ....more

Fenn Turns 4

I have yet to get too sappy about my boy growing up, until this year. This 3-4 has been the BEST , most FUN year with him yet, and it makes me sad to put a bow on it....more

Fenn's 4th Birthday Party

I resolved this year to be better with birthday parties, and failed miserably on my boy's special party. The week of his "party" my neighbor reminded me.. " you know Saturday is the party right?! ...more

Sister's 1st Birthday!

Little princessa is officially one. It snuck up on me like WOAH. Although I love planning and hosting adult parties, i always really struggle with kid birthday parties!...more

Sister is 11 Months Old

well.. I totally...more