I Lost My Baby, Too

 Our first baby would have turned 14 this month.And every year around this time,a tiny shudder will run through me when I step into a bathroom.It will always be a room where I first said hello and good bye to motherhood. I can still see the colour of the walls.I can still see the lines on a stick....more

Camping with kids. Don't be afraid.

I have a very clear memory of my first camping trip. Neither of my parents had any previous experience, but they packed their enthusiasm and our brand new family tent, and away we went. We found a campground just outside town and pitched our tent.Well, I guess we should go for a hike, my dad said. So we left for a trek, while my mom stayed behind to make dinner....more

Things That Make Me Cry: Third Grade Projects

Do you want to know how to make me cry? Send my grade three boy home with an assignment that asks for stories from his baby days, complete with pictures. Because then, you see, I'd have to go into my walk-in closet, after the kids are in bed, and stand in front of the bookshelf that is bursting with photo albums. In the quiet -- without any little hands there to poke at the glossy pictures with their who, what, where, when and whys -- I can look for our story on those pages....more
@kgirl thanks girlie xomore

The Best Gifts

The Mother Daughter Dance: My Chance to Offer Unconditional Love

I'm about to lecture my grade five kid about the stuffing of her snow pants into the secret compartment of her backpack, when the memory of a winter coat creeps in and silences me like the overnight snowfall waiting for us on the other side of the front door....more
@JennaHatfield Yes, it's amazing how it can still unsettle after all these years.more

flight of the ladybug

"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are."~ E.E. Cummings ~She wants to dress herself, but only in pajamas.She wants to wear un-na-wear, but not sit on a potty. ...more

the face of joy

Last night, big sister was working on her solo ballet routine. In the last five minutes of the lesson, I am always called in to be the audience. Normally, her teacher has me film the performance as a learning tool.Don't film this time, just watch. Tell us if you notice anything different. I wasn't sure I would be able to see what they wanted me to, I have no training in dance. And my eyes are often blurred by tears....more

about a year

There's been a lot more quiet than I planned for this holiday season. ...more

She Deserves a Room of Her Own

If ever there was a kid who deserved some space, it's this one -- our first-born. Besides four months of colic, she has gone easy on us. In fact, while we were busy growing our family, it seems she took it upon herself to become a beautiful, generous, and independent young lady....more
@JennaHatfield thank you Jenna. What a lovely thing to hear from a fellow (amazing) mom. xomore

Food Is Love in Our Family

I share photos of my kids' lunches, which means I get a lot of good-natured "Why do you spend so much time making lunches?" questions. Besides the obvious benefits of feeding them good and healthy food, the answer is simple. Of the many lessons my mom taught me, there is one I practice every day. Food is love....more
@Genie Gratto  @emilyguybirken I love that story, too!more